Tourist vs Begpackers

Thai immigration officials have started scrutinzing tourist who can’t show proof of cash at entry checkpoints.

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Thailand? Then you need to financially prepare your holiday, have a valid inbound/outbound flight ticket and location where you intend to lodge-in during your stay, because it has come to the open that many Westerners travel to Thailand as tourist with empty wallets, and with the aim of begging, busking and selling things on the street of Thailand to fund their trip.

Thailand authority have gotten many complains and serious criticism from indigenes about “beg packers” white adventurous travellers who travel light with backpacks wandering all around the street with empty pockets and stomach, no fixed location, busking while begging and selling postcard on the streets. These practise is common in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.

These are the Begpackers in Thailand
Credit: Twitter account @ImSoloTraveller

Report have emerged that the Thai immigration officials are becoming very strict by scrutinizing every tourist with visa history and Educational visa holders coming into Thailand for holiday must hold at least a ฿20,000 “Baht” in cash which is equivalent to €516.4, £457.48, and in dollars $593.82 before they are allowed entry into Thailand.

What does this mean? It means that immigration officials are only searching and refusing entry to those people who are pretending to be tourists while really working and performing other illegal activity in Thailand. Tourist of this category are mostly people who frequent the country more often and, obviously their passport is full of stamps so this stringency is to ensure that tourists are not working illegally in Thailand and to also put a stop to beg packing.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have not mentioned any official minimum amount required to show before entry into Thailand or any updates concerning this issue.

Foreigner begging on the street in Thailand
Credits:Twitter account @ImSoloTraveller

I personally know someone who normally travels to Thailand every year during winter period in Germany and spends at least four -to- five weeks in Thailand, I was informed that he acquired massaging skills during his stay in Thailand and, also works as a massager in Thailand, so tell me how can someone with a tourist visa work illegally in a country where he´s been issued a tourist permit?

I´ll never been to the South East of Asia before “and I wish to visit soon” but I ´ll read and heard they are natural tropical wonderland with a lot of beautiful islands, beaches, plantations, culture, nice food and their indigenes are blessed with skilful relaxation technics, anyways back to the reality lol, countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao and Singapore are mostly poor countries and their locals strive to achieve a three-square- meal. They use their culture, food, islands etc to promote tourism and betterment of their economy just like any other Western countries like France, U.K, Spain, Italy and Greece does, and I don’t see why Westerners should go to these places and disgrace their majority, if you can´t afford a trip then don´t start it likewise if you can´t afford a Ferrari then don’t price it.

Last week at different Airport check points some tourist visa holders being asked to show ฿20,000 in cash when entering Thailand but one of the Thai visa member with a student visa was unable to show the amount requested but only had ฿8,000 on him and, he is said to have had previously four tourist visas and a 30-day stamp on arrival.

Tourist boldly begging for money to support trip

We learnt that some airlines flying these destinations are refusing passengers to board flights without return tickets, is advisable to have a round trip ticket or a transit flight ticket with a valid transit visa that allows entry into the country, and most of all, consult embassy before even buying a flight ticket and have in mind, which ever country you plan to travel to, by law immigration officials have the right to deny you entry if they find you suspicious, with insufficient fund proof or no destination in particular.

This article aims to help you plan and organize your trip before leaving your home, have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday. Remember to share your holiday experiences with us we are willing to listen and learn what´s happening in the other parts of the world you discovered, and don´t forget to share and give it a thumbs up if you liked this article.



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