Protective Face Mask


Fashionable face mask with durable glass,  day to day shield visor for both Eyes and Face.

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SassyMirror Protective Face Mask for both Men and Women



It is a fashionable face mask with durable glass and It is a day to day shield visor for both Eyes and Face.

It is made for adults and also for people who wear glasses, in other words, It can be worn under recommended glasses.

The shape helps cover the entire face both eyes, nose and mouth, it can be worn indoor and outdoor comfortably.

This goggle has an ergonomic design and It has an outstanding symmetrical shape that allows fitting all kinds of faces. It allows enough space for normal nose/mouth mask underneath.

This glass is lightweight and designed to be worn daily as a protective mask against droplets, side winds and also sorts of environmental pollution.

  • Anti-fog
  • Windproof sand
  • Anti-steam 
  • Anti-spray 
  • Anti-smoke
  • Super durable
  • Dustproof

It has a high resistance to pressure when it falls down.




Length:inches/mm* 6.3/159

Height: Inches/mm* 4.8/123



Length:inches/mm* 7.0/165

Height: Inches/mm* 5.3/134



Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 23 × 24 cm

Highlight Blue, Highlight Black, Ombre Brown, Ombre Blue, Ombre Neon, Ombre Pink, Ombre Black, Chrome


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