SassyHair 3 Bundles of Straight Wave Human Hair




SassyHair By Hilda 1b# Straight Human Hair extensions 3 Bundles

Weft Bundles

  • Hair extensions
  • Style of hair is Straight Wave


Bundle advice


All SassyHair By Hilda are the finest premium quality of human hair you’ll find. The texture of the hair is soft and healthy looking and less likely to tangle or shred unlike other human hair you find elsewhere.

  • Cuticles are strong and intact.
  • Made with 100% human hair no synthetic mixture in it.
  • Water friendly
  • Can be curled or straightened
  • Hair doesn’t shred but there will be a few strands when you run your fingers through it in the same way it will do to your own hair which is normal so don’t worry.


  • Don’t dye or bleach hair too frequently as this will damage any kind of hair, better off take it to a hair stylist to dye it professionally.
  • Hair will only tangle when too dry, too oily or built up dirts around it.
  • It is absolutely normal for every hair extension to have a little dryness because it lacks direct human nutrition once cut-off from donor, so try to apply reasonable amount of Argan oil to it to keep it hydrated.
  • It is recommended to care for your hair, wigs and try to wash it twice a week with shampoo and condition it for better results.


Hairs comes in a beautiful hair dust cover bag from SassyHair By Hilda

  • The bag helps project the hair from dust
  • Store hair in the bag to keep it new and clean

White hair bag

For Return and Exchange

When you receive the product please first check the hair quality, lace colour and wig cap if it’s not exactly what you ordered and expected. Please don’t cut off the label, cut hair or wash it, leave it in it’s original state and unused. Return or exchange will not be accepted if you tamper with the hair.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Hair Pattern *

Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian

Weft Length/inches *

10 10 10, 12 12 12, 14 14 14, 16 16 16, 18 18 18, 20 20 20, 22 22 22, 14 14 16, 14 16 18, 16 16 18, 16 18 20, 18 18 20, 18 20 20, 18 20 22, 20 22 22


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