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Hiya, I’m Hilda, a mom of two, passionate about fashion, makeup, home decor, DIY, and travel. Thanks for visiting!

Sassy Mirror by Hilda

This blog writes about everything you need to know about Handcraft, Decor, Personal improvement, Style, Fashion and how to express yourself through it. I believe everybody has a style just like everybody has their own personality, so I’m here to enable you, to encourage you, and to instill confidence in you. Whether you’re into classic, sporty, edgy, grunge or street look, having a personal look means a lot.

Its about adorning yourself to look good, I believe that the best way to develop a personal look is by starting to appreciate the way you look and expressing it through your own style. For me style is a personal thing and should evolve with time. I want to inspire you to enable you achieve your own style.

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Hi, I’m Hilda. I have a degree in Public relations & Marketing. I work as a sales associate with a multinational sports company. One day I hope to work for myself and become an entrepreneur. My mind is always untidy with creativity and when I’m not at work I use my free time to create contents, handcraft and Youtube videos, I love inspiring people and want to make an impact in this world that will help others. Writing is my passion, I’m fascination with interior decor, cooking, living happy and organized life!

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