Cutest Blazer Dress on ASOS – Detailing and Styling

The way a cloth will look on a hanger is not the same way it will look on a person or mannequin, It is totally viewed differently. In fact there’s a huge difference a hanger will hide all the attributes of the cloth while a person’s body or mannequin will add spice and give itContinue reading “Cutest Blazer Dress on ASOS – Detailing and Styling”

Hilda Shows How to Wear Pink Effortlessly – Summer Glam

There are different shades of pink and they all stand out separately or together,  so don’t worry about having too much pink in your wardrobe because too much is never too much.

Inspired By Top Fast Fashion Brands On Instagram

Weight gain has always been a girls worst struggle and this is a common problem every girl has. In fact, the worst of it is the belly fat that makes one look pregnant when you’re not, that bloated belly sticking out that fitted dress is so uncomfortable.


African prints has long been in vogue but the problem people have is styling it and the plain truth is that it is the most easiest to style because it can go with almost everything; jeans, white long sleeves, suit jackets, sneakers, leather flip flops, head wraps basically there is a whole long list of things you can style it with.