The core of this article is focusing on travelling comfortable, so don’t worry darlings!! I´m here to help your packing easy and stressless…

So are you planning on a week get away and don´t know what to take along with you?

The first thing that should come to your mind when packing your luggage is, how long are you going to be sitted? How much things do you need to pack? what should you wear? All these questions you should be able to answer and resolve. Basically, whether you´re travelling by car, train or by plane, as long as you know you´re going to be in a pause state for some hours, you would need to dress comfortable, smart and light. Here are some tips that can serve as a guideline to help you pack you bag:


Step One: Simple and Comfortable

Like I mentioned earlier your comfort is the top priority, so first and for most, you´ll need to take a glance in your closet and grab something smart and comfortable to wear, pick outfits that are not tight, something you can easily move in them without feeling any discomfort. For example, you can go for a stylish, simple and free Top, that is not too tight, and a per of Strecht Pants, Leggings or Joggers.



Top: Fendi Black Monster Eyes Pullover £510 ($642)

Pant: Isabel Marant Étoile Metalic high- rise skinny- fit jeans £210

Winter Cap: Eugenia Kim – Fur Pompom Rain Beanie £220 ($275)


Step Two: Handy Baggage
In your handy baggage you’ll use it to store everything you’ll need during the trip so anytime you need something you can quickly phick it from the bag with ease  or without having to struggle. The handy storage
baggage is meant to contain your Make kit, Toiletries, Novel, Magazine or a Diary, Laptop and Mobile phone and their chargers. Remember to pack your handy bag with necessary things you´ll need and use, I know the struggle we ladies go through, always wanting to pack our home in our handbags (Laughing) yeah it´s easy said than done, but anyways Sassy bees is better to go light and simple rather than having things that will only occupy space in your bag and the worst of it, it will only make your handy bag heavy.


Shoes : Fendi women 20mm Monter leather Slip-on Sneakers pound480

Bag: French Connection Iris Faux leather Drawstring Bucket bag GBP 40(usd 50)

Jacket: Intuition Paris Gilly Jacket £428

Suitcase: Fendi Monster Eyes Canvas & Leather Trolley Suitcase £3,135 ($3,950)


Step Three: Most Have

This last step is a very essential step you must remember when packing your bag, They most be listed on your priority list, so is better to have it at the top of your packing list. Things like your Winter Jacket, Passport or I.D, Credit Cards, some Cash and your boarding Tickets, if you forget anyone of them at any point of your packing, then you might have problems to travel, that is why I emphasised on it by saying first on your list. It is highly recommended to make a list of what you need to travel with so you don’t forget anything along and it also makes your packing easy and coordinated.

Written by: Sassymirror by Hilda


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