Cutest Blazer Dress on ASOS – Detailing and Styling

The way a cloth will look on a hanger is not the same way it will look on a person or mannequin, It is totally viewed differently. In fact there’s a huge difference a hanger will hide all the attributes of the cloth while a person’s body or mannequin will add spice and give itContinue reading “Cutest Blazer Dress on ASOS – Detailing and Styling”


Hey, beauties! This article is going to be teaching how to prepare for photograph headshots. We are going to be learning secrets on how to take your own headshot or pose for a headshots photograph at home as this is going to be helpful for anyone who is trying to be seen and admired onContinue reading “HOW TO POSE FOR PERFECT HEADSHOTS PHOTOGRAPH”


Today I’m going to be sharing some of my quarantine #lockdown habits. I know staying at home has not been easy especially when you don’t have much to do but that’s where your creativity has to come in handy.  Starting from the moment I wake up from bed till I go back to bed IContinue reading “10 GUARANTEED HOME HIIT WORKOUT THAT WILL MAKE YOU SWEAT⎮ See Results in 6 Weeks”

How to Assemble and Refinish a Dining Furniture

It giggles me as I flashback to my first carpentry work when I made this Tufting Hack: How To Make A Solid Buttoned Tufted Bench That Can Last Long it took me a lot of planning and daily encouragement to see the bench Diy Project came into reality and now I’m at it again.

The Second Wave Of Coronavirus Is Back in Autumn: Beware

The latest Corona news from Germany: main news of the day Decisions of the Federal Government and the Länder: These are the new Corona rules in November Today the 28th of November the German Government has regulated a new movement restriction law and the new rules are very similar to the shutdown in march earlier this year.Continue reading “The Second Wave Of Coronavirus Is Back in Autumn: Beware”

How To Style A Sweater To Look Expensive While On A Budget

I can’t believe we are two months away from 2020 to end, the Coivd-19 pandemic took most of the year making the passing of each season unnoticeable and unenjoyable, making us all pass up on the spring and summer weather due to the fear of the virus. The Covid-19 pandemic setback stymied the entire world,Continue reading “How To Style A Sweater To Look Expensive While On A Budget”

What Advice of Wisdom Would You Give To Your Younger Self

If you’re allowed to travel back in time what advice of wisdom would you give to your younger self? You start thinking about the possibilities and how possible it could be it would only take a second to realize that you only mind travelling though the experience is also therapeutic. It turns out we allContinue reading “What Advice of Wisdom Would You Give To Your Younger Self”


It may look like I’m obsessed with Chanel but really I just love how the letters sit gorgeously on the frame. There’s so much to like about this wall art frame because it beautifies every space whether a living room, bedroom, hallway or even an office. It is just so perfect for any kind ofContinue reading “CHANEL 3D FLOWER WALL ART FRAME”