The cold, ice and snow can be very challenging for all road drivers. For this reason, this article is written as a checklist to help you care for your car, as you read on you will find all the essencial tips to maintianing a sounds car for the cold weather..

In the winter, I mean Mid December, beginning of January to February the weather can be very harsh for your car or motor bike, and you´ll need to consider tackling every obstacle on time before you get caught up by surprise.  The tips in this article is to educate you on how to maintain a sound car throughout the winter and also to have a safe driving.

What every driver most know about snow and ice is this; they can cause great havoc to your car and disorganise your day-to-day plan if you don’t take precaution? Have you ever been told that caring for your car is likewise as caring for your safety and all you have to do is prepare yourself a priori and constantly if need? Well, this is the truth that many people neglect.

It is obvious that cars are meant for easy mobility and comfort, and the more you use them, you should know that they can breakdown on expectedly for minor or serious reasons, why? Because they are made to function and malfunction but only consistence care and maintenance can make them last longer.

“ a lot of people let it go too long. Proper maintenance on the car is the life of the car”. Jim Paker


  • If it´s about to snow or is icing and you regularly pack your car in an open parking lot or you simply don’t have an over roof garage to park your car, a Car Windscreen Cover Anti-Snow Frost Ice shield Protector will be something you should have as an option to protect your screen.


  • Check your car tyres when they are due for control, use the right tyres for the weather. do not neglect this, remember your life is important!


  • Don’t ignore Dashboard Warnings Lights, some cars might indicate warning faults in the vehicle system but it doesn’t pinpoint which system is faulty, so when you are not sure what it is, please refer to the owner´s manual.


  • Keep Preventative Maintenance on, stop turning it off.
  • Plan your schedules to aviod running late which helps you avoid Driving On Fumes, because it damages your car and also puts you on accident risk.
  • Ensure your Car Fluid Level is tested, use adequate Antifreeze that your car requires, Antifreeze liquid helps and stops the water in the car engine cooling system from freezing. And remember to fill-in your wash bottle with fluid to enable you use the windscreen wipers properly and having a better view of the road.
  • When you find out you car is iced there are two things you can use, an Ice Scrapper, which comes in handy sizes or you can simply use an old shopping card, like as it is shown in the video below.
  • Ensure your exterior lights are in good condition.
  • Check your car battery or ask a specialist have them done, and if you don’t do so the cold and rough weather can kill your car batteries. Also make sure when you park your car the lights are turned off if not it will run your batteries down.
  • And to summarize this driver´s checklist is a complete one, you must have a winter Emergency Kit set in your car during the winter so you´re prepared for the unexpected. The Emergency Kit should at list contain a Torch light, First Aid Box, Shovel, Ice Scrapper, De-icer, winter Boots, warm Cloths and Handgloves, Hi- Visibility Vest and a Hazard warning Triangle.

If you have all these mentioned above items done and ticked on your checklist, then you are set to for the winter, snow and the inclement weather ahead, the winter will have nothing to trap you down. Remember to wear your driving sense always. Thank you for reading to the end, expect more tips from Sassymirror by Hilda.


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