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Black is a neutral color and is one of the most common and simple color to wear. As dark as it is, it is considered sophisticated, powerful and yet influential at all times.

Boohoo: Handbag €21
Topshop: Moto black ripped Jamie Jeans £45

It’s a care free color and can be worn at all seasons, occasions, events, business meetings and professional gatherings. You’ll never go wrong wearing black, moreover it helps conceals every unwanted imperfection.

Missguided: Peace + Love high neck Bodysuit £50


One curious thing about this color, is that; it combines with every other colors whether warm, bright, dull, soft or anything.  Wearing black makes one feel authoritative, elegant, sexy and conversative.

Black is a very symbolic color and it could be seen as positive or negative, even in nature it could be referred to as night, dark and sad but still, it’s an adorning color.

In the fashion walk way it is famous, featured in every Celebrity gala and it is one of the most selected in every wardrobe.

Nike: Cortez Schuh für ältere Kinder €65


I like wearing black because it’s timeless, it safes me time when I’m in a rush and don’t know what to pick from the wardrobe. It’s sure my  favourite color.

Outfits from:

Handbag: Out of stock

Bodysuit was on sale when i got it and it was about £20 from Store in Stratford Westfield London now £50  Bodysuit by

Jeans trouser from Jamie Jeans by

Sneakers from last year and it was on sale online for about  €35 now €65 Sneakers by


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