London is a very beautiful city full of live, and it is very welcoming. Not all that, it is very metropolitan and every where you go you’ll find people of different nationalities who live or just moved in here, and some who’ve just come for a holiday tour, business or studies.

This city is very fashionable, busy and highly sophisticated, and I love the fact that I felt so at home, one can easily blend in with ease without having to worry you’re new.

Last week Saturday i went to Oxford Circus for a sightseeing tour and I was amazed at how busy the street was, there was free style bands playing live music, people here and there, some were shopping, running to work, strolling or going to their business’s and I was just in the middle of the street observing the chaos.

I also visited some trendy clothing stores like Nike Town, Aldo, H&M, Pull&Bear, Miss Selfridges, M&S and Zara just to compare the style of fashion and how they dress here compared to Spain, France and Germany.


And i finally ended my curiosity by visiting Topshop store. The store was quite big and it boasts of three floors with different departments like cafe shops, beauty counters, pop up boutiques, eateries, makeup and jewelry stores that makes customised initials.


Topshop store Oxford Street


Topshop Oxford Street


Nike Town Oxford Street


When you get in the first impression you’ll have will be ” I’m I in a shopping Mall”  It had every thing you’ll find in a Mall.


The concept is quite interesting and different from other stores have ever seen. At the entrance there was a DJ playing very loud music to stimulate buyers and when you walk in you’ll find the escalators on the right with directions to different departments. It looked like a girl/boy Wonderland.

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