We can’t  just resist these two because they transmit what we call Oneness, Unity, Trust, Respect, everything close to Value. People should love and cherish what they have and not what they don’t have.

You think what you’re looking for is better than what you have now, then you must be mistaking, what you should know is; as you start adding value to what you have you’ll start seeing all you’re looking for out there is already in what you refused to build.


Is funny how people put material things first before value; People just want already made things forgetting that it was once another person’s dream, created it, built it and flash it out for others to desire.

Only one word describes this picture VALUE

There is power in oneness!! This man you see in this picture knew the value of what he had and stood for it, stayed with it and worked with it and today they are role models, everybody looks-up to them and wants to be like them.
People should start learning how to value, build and keep for better days are coming when you’ll start enjoying the fruit of the labor.


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