There are three things people should start learning how to do, which are Storing, Dusting and Reusing. If you want to maintain an economical stylish lifestyle then you need to start acting smart by purchasing things that are of good quality that can last you for long because there is no need wasting money buying too many unnecessary cheap things and after 4 months they are as good as throwing money into the garbage.


For some people who can’t afford brand new,  there are lots of qualified stores and online stores all around the world like Spain, U.S. that sell original preowned bags, cloths, accessories and shoes.

Here are list of stores:
Albemarle Bond, Herbert Brown on 301 Walworth Road, SE17 2TG London) U.K.
Dèpôt Vente de Passy on 14 Ruego de la Tour, 75016 Paris France.
Collective Square 36 Boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris, France.
Affordable Luxury, Sturegatan 4c 114 35 Stockholm Sweden.
Rebelle, city of Hamburg, Germany.

Every brand new item bought from the original store comes with a duster bag for storing and if you’re lucky you can also get it from the preowned store that’s if the owned is giving it out.

Shoe Pouch
Bag duster

You can also find some original duster bag on Ebay.

I also observed that ladies between the age range of 30 to 40 years tend to have a different vista for style, I mean they have a One is One mind set, that is to say they add value to the things that can last them longer, instead of things that are cheap and won’t last. Don’t get it twisted that every cheap thing is bad quality no; for example you can buy a hand made bag from a street market at good price and still reuse them over and over.

From my personal experience, I have learnt to save and spoil myself once in a while with things that can last me longer that I won’t get tired of, even when I do all I just do is store and keep them out of sight and when I’m ready to use I bring it out, dust it and they look as new like the first day.

The funniest part of storing, dusting and reusing is that it gives you that exciting feeling every time you launch it, that feeling of owning something new,  I don’t know if you get what I mean?
Most of all maintenance is very important and no matter what kind of taste of bag, shoes or get up you have learn to take care of them because style is not expensive as it seems, its simply priceless.



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