What keeps me going

I think, i analyse, i pray, i wait, i act and i conquer. This is how to overcome your fears or anything that stands on your way.

I try to keep my smiles firm because it shouldn’t change what has been destined to happen from happening.

All i know is that, HE that has planted my feet on a solid rock will not let my steps be moved. I stand strong from now on!! 🖐🖐

Full capture of me in Zara Blazer
Full capture of me with a Boohoo handbag and Mango brochures
Full capture of me in H&M Boys T.shirt
Full capture of me in a Guess Jeans


Looking good is one of the things i like to do best, is a hobby for me.

What I’m wearing

• H&M Boys T.shirt
• Guess Jeans (Old)
• Zara Blazer
• Kurt geiger/Nine West shoes (old)
• Boohoo handbag (out of stock)
• Mango Brochures
• Aldo Earrings
• Gold Chaplet (a gift from a friend)
• M.A.C lipstick and lip liner
• Urban Decay eyeshadows


2 thoughts on “What keeps me going

  1. Oh muchas gracias linda. Tengo más fotos y cosas guay que voy a ir colocando aquí en mi blog y me gustaría que las veias siempre y no perder nada, estaría bien que te subscribe aquí con tu correo electrónico y recibirás noticias directamente en tu correo.
    Muchas besitos.


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