Tonto Charity Dikeh is a well-known Nigerian actress, entertainer and a philanthropist. She got married to her dubbed Mr X originally known as Dr. Oladunni Olakunle Churchill who is a nephew to the ex-President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo.

Dr. Oladunni Olakunle Churchill owns several businesses, he owns an IT company known as Haven Limited, a foundation that empowers youths called Big Church Foundation and an entertainment company called Big Church Entertainment. According to Tonto Dikeh he´s been married before to Miss Bimbo Coker in 2012 but now divorced.

The couple´s traditional wedding photograph
The couple´s traditional wedding photograpg

The couple happily got married sometime in august 2015 and had a son they named Andre who completed a year old three weeks ago, the birth of their little King has brought so much joy into her life as Tonto Dikeh stated in an exclusive interview with Azuka Ogujiuba on Media Room Hub TV where she explained how motherhood have positively changed her into a better person and having her wonder how wonderful it is to be a mother.

Tonto Dikeh. “The feeling was really strange because I saw my heart on my arms, carrying my son is like carrying my own heart, I heard his heartbeat, I was so happy, so overwhelmed, I loved it, every minute till date.” she said; she´s hardly away from him because she finds it hard to leave him but whenever she does there´re good nannies she has in care of him.

Photograph of Mama bear and Bear as she wrote on instagram


We are aware that Tonto Dikeh is a cheerful giver, she´s involved in solidary work and involvements with the society, she´s been contributing to the Nigerian Society helping children, women, schools and have also ran several empowering programs with her foundation “Tonto Dikeh Foundation” which one of them is themed BACK TO SCHOOL.

Tonto Dikeh. “Children are the leaders of tomorrow, I believe in change so if change have to come we have to start with the younger ones who are going to be the change/leaders we need to see in the future.”

In the interview, she was asked if her role as a mother or wife has deprived her from acting and she is replied

Tonto Dikeh. “No, before I had my child I actually slowed down on that because of personal reasons, I needed to find myself, I needed to know what it is I wanted, I was blocked emotionally, spiritually, I had this veil covering me I need to identify with something greater which was God, so I left movies to find God, but that doesn’t say I’m off the screen forever but I am coming back.” which means she´s coming back to the set and she´s looking forward to acting again.


Now back to the main core of this article, lately there´s been rumours, false stories about her marital breakup and is all over the social media like a national anthem, Spanish people will refer to this as “los rumores estan echando leña al fuego y no hay manera de apagarlo” literally means that the rumours are worsening the situation and we believe is really weighing her down, so  she decided to put a stop to it by boldly coming out to speak her truth and debunk every false allegation laid on her and we are really pleased with the courage she summoned up.

Tonto Dikeh started her phrases by taking a deep breath. “I´ve read them too, I’ve seen them too and em truly they hurt that’s the word I can quantify about how I feel about it and like you rightly said it is only because I’m a public figure that everything is out there in all of this I’m just praying for strength, wisdom and everything I can to move on and go ahead, it´s a bitter experience for me to air, being here alone. It’s not easy.”

She paused and continued her statement with a panting and crack voice in form of almost crying saying “ I am here because I believe that I’ll be helping someone somewhere” and when she was asked if she has any regrets getting married to her estrange spouse and she replied “Well the way I live my life the way I am I try not to regret anything and I see every stage that I am in as an elevation I feel like after going through that fire and I’ll come out stronger than I was before so no I don’t regret my marriage.”

Recent photograph of Tonte Dikeh

Life as a celebrity is not easy, once you become a public figure everything about you automatically becomes public and for one reading something negative about oneself is quiet embarrassing and in many occasions, she has encountered many embarrassing moments and if she had her way she´d love to delete all her whole existence from the Internet because of her child because she fears to see him read all those negative things written about her when he grows up and we can understand how she feels about this whole drama as a mother, we believe every mother is a saint and perfect in the eyes of their child and no one has the right to discourage them from their belief, so all we need do as young mothers is to keep our ways straight and cling to our faith and train our children up in the right ways.

Generally speaking we all are humans and we all have feeling, fears, and challenging moments in life and we all make mistakes in our youth and old age because we´re not perfect and tend to make less mistakes when we are older due to our experiences, there is no one on these earth planet that doesn’t  have rheum/mucus in their eyes and we need to start removing ours first before others, so we really need to stop judging each other and focus on our lives to be better people.

Honestly speaking it really broke our heart to see Tonto Dikeh bitterly crying during the interview “some might call her names or even insuniate she´s acting” when she explained her recent experience of how she was accused of consuming drugs during the period she was breast feeding her son Andre, she claimed to have not even auto medicated herself even when she was ill because she was scared it could interfere with her breast milk so she avoided everything and it pained her to see someone trying to tarnish her image as a good mother. she had no reason to come up and proof herself to anyone but we believe she did it for the sake of her son and for the future. She also made it clear that she is now a born again Christian and have received Christ into her life which is the new happiness she has found and is amazing to have turned her ways back to God which many people don’t know. She keeps her faith going by attending Mountain of Fire and have assisting Pastors who also prays with her from time to time.


Tonto Dikeh. “This interview is not to discredit my husband neither to bring him down in anyway if is anything, I’m doing it for him to be a better person. So, that somebody somewhere will be able to learn from what I’m going through.”

  1. She complained about having treated herself from several STD she got contacted from her husband Churchill which means his been cheating and sleeping around unprotected.
  2. Oladunni Olakunle Churchill constantly beats her up and have done that countless times without considering to repent from it and after each fight he shows up with a Pastor to beg on his behalf.
  3. Tonto Dikeh recently found out that her husband Oladunni Olakunle Churchill has a personal assistant called Rosaline Meure who is alleged to be his mistress takes her on luxury trips abroad and that’s something he has never done for his family, he also bought a new Land cruiser car for his mistress on her birthday/Valentine gift and takes care of her personal needs.
  4. Tonto Dikeh is aware her husband is in love with his mistress and she´s the reason why he abandoned her and their son for close to two months. Rosaline Meure also claims to be relative to her husband which seems to be a lie and doesn’t know TD in person.
  5. Oladunni Olakunle Churchill lied to her that he has never been married or had kids before and lately two ladies contacted her that they have kids for him. One has a nine-month-old and the other is two years old but she can’t verify if they are all true or framed stories.
  6. Oladunni Olakunle Churchill have been accused of being a bisexual which she also can’t verify if they are true or just mere allegations.

We still don’t get it, how someone can claim to love you and still hurt you at the same time, what kind of love is that? Why is our society today based on patriarchy, where men have the belief that the world belongs to them? It is so low of a person to thing we are better than the other, we are all equal human beings. There must be a stop to gender violence and educate everyone more on equality. For these reason, subsisting laws should be established and carried into effect to fight domestic violence or any violation against women rights.

Counselling is primordial in every marriage and need to me done from time to time to help our marriage from clashing, pressures or changes that occurs in this institute called marriage. We are not here to side anyone or put more blames on the other because in every problem there´s always a two sides to it, each person must have positively or negatively added to the problems.

Tonto Dikeh we have few words of advice for you as a woman, learn to keep your life private we know you are a public figure but there´re certain things you can control to stay in your shelf without spilling it out for the hungry world to know, if you didn´t said those things publicly people won’t have had  the right to twist them or guts to interfere in your private life. Please learn to keep what happens in your home private and if you need help consult professionals and close family fast. Try to take it easy and always but a smile on your face for that little king, yes you have been beaten, hurt, and wounded but you´re not defeated. Life goes on, time is the only thing that heals wound and broker heart, remember doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Dear readers, all Tonto Dikeh wants is for these phrase to be over, be strong for her son and start a new life.

Thanks for reading and if you have any contribution or any similar experience feel free to share your advice.


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