Ritual of Sakura is my daily skin care products. This set is a must have for me to keep my skin radiant and smooth, the smell is nice and relaxing.

Photograph of my most used Ritual of Sakura product
Gift set

I’ve been using Rituals for eight months now and sincerely speaking I’m really please with the results. The smell of the Ritual of Sakura is very soft and mildly sweet. Rituals have other range of products starting from Apparel, Home fragrance to Body care and my favorites of them all is Ritual of Sakura.

Ritual of Sakura range of products are:

  • Body Scrub
  • Face Scrub
  • Shower foam
  • Body cream also a refill
  • Anti Respirant Spray
  • Hand cream
  • Day & Night Face cream

Ritual of Sakura by Rituals

Range of products

If you’re looking for new product to use then try Rituals and if you’ve used it before feel free to share your experience.


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