Fruits are not meant only for eat

The hunt for a long healthy hair is a tough one and many of us have gone through a lot to make sure we achieve that “Rapunzel” looking hair but to little avail, rather our wallet end up suffering the consequences.


  • Perming of hair regularly damages hair cells and prevent it from growing healthy.
  • Chemicals like dye and bleach are very dangerous to the hair especially when used by a novice, for proper application on hair seek a specialist advice.
  • Heat from any hot device like hair Flat iron/ Straighten iron, high voltage of hair dryer heat can also cause severe damage to hair when used regularly Hair Damage From a Flat Iron .
  • Tight braids can cause edge break especially if you have thin or soft hair texture, and it can cause boil which can resolve to dryness of the scalp.
  • Don’t wear braids that are too heavy.
  • Using an unsterilized clipper can cause boil too at the nape of the head due to deadly bacteria.
  • Carrying a Protective style for too long can break your hair and it really doesn´t make any sense because it grows your hair and finally tangles it at the bottom due to accumulated dirt and hair cream stocked on the root of the weave where it’s been weaved and then when you undo the braids it breaks your hair so please avoid keeping styles for too long.
  • Stress is also a major factor to hair break and it curses grey hair to grow out fast and they itch like heck!

Hair control game plan


Lately I’ve been worried about how slow my metabolism is and how it has produced poor hair grow for years; thus, I have made researches on natural fruits and plants that helps improve and promote healthy hair and scalp. This natural ingredient has helped me recover from itchy scalp, dryness and dandruff which I have been using consistently weeks after weeks and it works for me! In addition, I have been taking medical and cosmetic supplements from Manechoice to reinforce this hair journey. Here are Dry Hair Days Are Over!

Honestly there have been a lot of things that I was doing wrong in the past that I didn’t realise was preventing my hair from growing properly, and even when it grew it kept breaking and more of that kept me questioning myself and so I had to go into a quest for the hidden treasures of having a rich healthy hair.

All these hair mask recipes help stop breakage, stimulates hair growth, moisturize and nourish the scalp.

  • Avocado, Egg yolk and Olive oil

  • Coconut milk
  • Alma and Coconut oil
  • Natural Coconut and Castro oil (Leave overnight)
  • Aloe vera (also good for the skin)

Additional tips for long healthy hair and nails

  • Garlic rub on nails before going to bed though the smell is unbearable.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Eating well matters a lot always eat vegetables, peanuts and fruits, this is not only going to help your hair but all your metabolism function well.
  • Catch enough sleep as much as possible.
  • Massage scalp daily with head looking backward or downward and massage scalp in an anti- clock or clock wise way. This will allow free circulation of blood to the scalp, it is recommended to do this not more than 3 minutes because it can cause dizziness.
  • Air dry hair or use hair dryer using only cold setting.
  • Avoid perming and bleaching of hair.
  • Let your scalp breath and receive more air, avoid tying it too tight, it might cause dizziness and severe headache too. In this case, when styling a ponytail avoid holding your hair too tight because it pulls the hair.
  • Do protective styles that you can carry not for too long perhaps for 3 weeks to 1 month maximum.
  • Use hair moisturiser daily to keep hair shiny and strong because hair and scalp needs them like the body needs food to survive.
  • Occasionally trim hair at the split ends to allow new ones to grow.
  • Wash hair weekly with lukewarm water and use preferred hair shampoo, conditioner and use natural hair homemade mask. Avoid using cold water because it doesn’t really wash out the grease of cream off your hair. Warm water helps seal your natural hair and keep your curls intact.

I personally use lukewarm water to wash my hair throughout whether weft or my natural hair, winter, summer or whatever season. Hot water contains heat and heat damages the hair, there are tons of videos on YouTube that advices to use warm water when washing hair and cold water to rinse off. In this case, I will say do what works for you.

I hope you´ve learnt something from this great tip, give it a try and if you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to drop a line and I’ll respond.  If you haven´t subscribed to my Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blog please do so and don’t forget to give it a thumb up, comment and share link to your friends and families.


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