Family goals

One of the prominent couple in U.K “The Beckhams” David Beckham who is a Footballer and Victoria Beckham a Fashion designer, Model, business woman and a pop singer where she got her fame from by singing with the pop group “Spice Girls”.

Family goals

This couple seems to be doing well in their professions and also as a family. They have a daughter and 3 sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz who are all models for various high end brands like Burberry kids/junior and also have their names all branded.

Family celebration
Here is a family tree of “The Beckhams”

Cruz, Romeo, Harper, Victoria, David and Brooklyn.

Romeo Beckham models for Burberry
Romeo Beckham with Victoria and brother at  Burberry festive film

According to BBC early this week the couple took to the patent authority office in Britain and the European Intellectual Property Office to register their daughters name as a trademark making it a complete family empire where no one outside that circle can tamper with the name Harper Beckham or use it without permission. It’ll allow Harper to launch branded products including kids playthings like toys, clothing and also in entertainment industry just in case she wish to follow her mother’s footsteps as a singer.

Harper Beckham is only 5 years old and she’s already started creating her dreams and blowing the fairies away with the help of her ambitious parents. This move is not a surprise in the elite world, infact is a start to another open door for them to diversify their investment and secure it’s territory. Other celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé did the same thing to their only daughters Ivy Carter which landed them into a lawsuit with a wedding planner using the same name for her business.

Trademarking a child’s name is obviously a decision for the parents to make but we hope they can educate their kids more on how to invest and use their wealth wisely in the future because most of these rich kids end up lavishing their wealth in drugs, clubs e.t.c.


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