The Ultimate Secret For Beauty And A Healthy Living

Hello everyone! Today I’m back again with a new healthy hair-beauty tips for you all to learn from, I´ll like you to sit back get a cup of tea, a pen and a paper to jot down everything you find useful in this article. I’m not ashamed to disclose that I’m a coconut lover and I really value all its content starting from the shell to the meat, every bit of it has a healthy impacting benefit to mankind.

The Ultimate Secret For Beauty And Healthy Living

Coconut is highly rich in natural cellular antioxidant that helps counteracts damaging effects of oxidation in the body organ in simply words, coconut contains Iron and varieties of Vitamins like C, E and K that helps keep your health defence intact and support your immune system from collapsing. It´s saturated fatty acid is totally harmless to the skin, hair and human organs which means it can serve as aliment, beauty mask for hair, lips and skin softener and, also it helps fight against any Pathogen (Virus, Bacteria and fungi) agent that is infectious to your healthy which most people don’t know.


Occasionally I use coconut water to bath as a skin softener and it smoothens my skin but apart from that there are so many other benefits in a coconut that we don’t know and I’m going to explain in detail so you’ll understand and from henceforth you’ll start valuing its elementary usage. Let me give a simple instance for you to understand; when you blend a coconut meat into a chaff and then squeeze it, you´ll find out the liquid is whitish and greasy, that whitish-greasy milk from the coconut is rich in Lauric Acid which is the same benefit you find in a breastmilk and that is why it is highly recommended that mothers should breast feed their babies as possible.  Lauric Acid belongs to Medium Chain 12 of Triglycerides Fatty Acid commonly knowns as C12 which are fatty in medium length and it is harmless, supportive and protective to our organism.

1.       Cognitive improvement: Studies proves that coconut contains Medium Triglycerides Fatty Acid (MTCs or MTFA) and they therapeutically support and protect the brain from malfunctioning due to “Hypoglycemic” abnormal low level of glucose/sugar in the blood, in simple words; MTCs helps improve and boost the brain.

2.       Healthy supplement: The Lauric acid in a coconut is a rich fatty supplement that is harmless to your organism and it helps reinforces a healthy system. We Africans believe that a child that´s been breastfed is mentally stable and physically fit than a child that is not, maybe you can relate to it or have heard it before from an old woman?

3.       Immune Defence: Lauric Acid helps fight microorganism that is infectious and dangerous to the health.

4.       Digestive: Coconut is a fatty anti-inflammatory food solution that helps loosen pressure on the pancreas and intestine. It is a digestive aliment that gastrointestinal patient and people suffering from Crohn´s disease can benefit from.

5.       Hormone Control: Normally pancreas releases digestive fluid into the intestine and insulin into the bloodstream which somethings can cause disorder to the hormones when the amount of glucose is not properly regulated in the body and can result into diabetes. The fatty acid in a coconut can help control excess glucose in the body and better function of hormonal production.

6.       Delicious Food Recipe: Coconut water, oil and milk is nutritious and is great for cooking. I use the milk to prepare rice (Coconut rice), India curry or Moqueca (Brazilian Fish stew) and the taste and aroma is killing that you can even perceive it from a distance.

7.       Body Care: Add one or two Coconut water into a bucket of lukewarm water and use it to bath, it makes the skin smooth and soft, do this as frequent as possible and you’ll see better results. After bathing you can apply a Coconut oil to the skin it moisturizes and help prevent skin from dryness.

8.       Hair care: Here I have done a video tutorial to show you how to use coconut oil to prepare a hair mask as a treatment for your weekly hair routine care, and is worth doing because it is a budget savvy recipe.

This hair mask is for Dry & Damaged Hair, to have it done you’ll need these ingredients below:

Coconut oil

  • One Teaspoon of Coconut oil for short hair.
  • Two Teaspoon of Coconut oil for shoulder length hair.
  • One Tablespoon of Coconut oil for long hair.







  • One Teaspoon of Honey.

Olive oil

  • Two Teaspoon of Olive oil.

Egg yoke 



  1. thanks for sharing this information, it was really educating….to know that I can actually bath with coconut water for a smoother and softer skin…
    I hope the coconut oil does not darken a fair skin? just want to be sure because am sure I will give it a try… thanks Sassymirror


    1. Thanks for commenting doll. Coconut Oil does pigment the skin, it only mantains and sustains the skin from damages and dryness, Is totally harmless to The skin. The oil doesn’t tan neither does it bleach the skin. It’s fatty acid can also protect your skin from harsh weather like the Sun and winter dryness. I hope this tips are helpful. Don’t forget to give me a feedback after trying a coco oil out. Kisses


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