I'm a year older

Hey guys, I’m happy to be back again blogging though i wasn’t gone neither did I quit blogging.

I was gone for a week and some days because I fell really ill and was in the sick bed due to the bizarre weather we had in Germany the last few week’s in May, one day warm and the next day cold and windy that one can hardly predict what the weather will be like the next day making one go through sartorial or should I call it a wardrobe dilemma and not only that falling ill was the worst part of it but I thank God I’m strong and back on my feet.

The Birthday All White Party

It's our birthday

It’s so nice to know the Summer has finally set and the sun will be constant and warm at list for 3 months starting from now June to September, I’m so excited not only because the Summer is here but because I’m also going to become a year older today 15th of June; hey is my birthday and I’m going to rock and celebrate it with family and some few friends.


The Guest


I’m going to be having a get together party to celebrate this new age and it’s going to be an All-White barbecue party for my guest and with plenty of food to eat and drink, and some fine music to listen to as we are going to be having DJ Sunshine in the house to play for us the latest Nigerian Gbedun “songs” and some 80’s.

The best Dj in town

Excuse my manners if this article is about me because is my birthday and i just thought i should share it with you all so you can bring up a glass of wine or champagne and toast with me where ever you are and would also be nice to see you drop me a birthday wish. Have a blissful summer wherever.

The Birthday

This dress Club L Open Back Maxi Dress with Fishtail is from Asos the fabric is lycra and it strechts well, and is also true to size and fits like a glove, the quality is good for the pay. I got it for my birthday and I love the cut of the dress. The picture has the direct link to the dress, so click it to take you to the link directly.



7 thoughts on “MY 30ish BIRTHDAY WHITE PARTY

  1. I dey jalouse😉 your birthday was so nice i can see and i know your food was hummmmmmm i wanted to be next to you spend a good time big kiss darling bisous


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