Comfortable Footwear

Summer is here and the first things that comes to your mind is to change and rearrange your wardrobe, shopping list is made and you´re ready to start surfing the best online stores!

Skimpy and baggy Wears, Flip-flops and Slides becomes our first choice and stands on the first role of our wardrobe and all the thick sweaters, jackets, socks and boots are packed-up in a box while sneakers become a second choice even though you think they are not the appropriate to wear in this hot weather.

There is nothing more refreshing than taking a walk on a sunny day in a comfortable slide allowing your feet to receive some long missed fresh air. Just thinking of that alone makes me want to look for the nearest beach strand to flaunt those pedicured toes.

Slides are easy to find everywhere but making one for yourself is totally unique and fun, lately I was inspired by a Zara Slides with Tassels I find attractive and I thought I should DIY it to give you an idea, if you´re a huge fan of slides and want to add another to your collection.

Summer Slides

Before I start explaining the steps maybe you´ll need to visit at least one or more stores to get the supplies you need to make this beautiful Slides. First and foremost, you will need a plain slide from any store like H&M or Missguided

A plain Slide

and some colourful Pompom

Fringe Trim


 Glue GunGlue Stick




Step 1: Once you have all the items put together then you can start designing your Slides by first plugging your Glue Gun to an electric socket and allow it to get hot, if unsure please check the manufacturer user manual for instructions.

Step 2: While waiting for you Glue gun to get hot you can start measuring your fringe by placing it on the plain Slide and make sure you double it for a fuller coverage. You will need to make a 3-fringe line each doubled x2 to give it that full dangling fringe effect, once the glue gun is hot start gluing the fringe to the plain Slide and hold it at the other end without touching the glue with your hand.

Step 3: Pick the Pompoms and arrange them according to how you´d place it on the Slide, it helps you stay organised and makes the placing easy but if you plan to use a black Pompom all through then you might skip this process. When you apply the glue press the Pompom to it and make sure it sticks to it.

Step 4: Trim off excess fringe and voilà.

Zara like kind of Slides

Totally Unique And Beautiful

Here is a YouTube Video Tutorial of how i DIY the Slide.

These Zara Slides are so easy to make but if you have any doubt then don´t hesitate to write a comment in the box below, and if you liked the article please show some love cause those thumbs tickle me. It´s always a pleasure hearing from you!


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