Facial Spa

If you have been following me for a while you’ll know I love my Rituals, the only time I stopped using it was when I was pregnant, I completely stayed away from all kinds of products for body treatments starting from body serums, face mask, body scrub etc and it helped me a lot to stay at an alert.

During pregnancy my body and skin changed to it naturally call and i`m glad I didn’t tamper with my skin trying to use anything extras and even after postpartum I still watch what I use. Did you know that facial spa is the second second most popular spa after massage?

Face Mask

Every weekend I try to take time to do my body ritual routine which involves treating myself with a warm foam bath spa using Sakura Bath Foam and the complete set for my body Sakura Shower Oil and Sakura Body Scrub, for my face spa I use Wonder Mask, Brighten Face right after that I use Creamy Foam Cleanser to wipe out any remaining hard makeup substance from my face rinsing it out with a warm water. When I step out the bath I dry myself with a clean towel and spray the Sakura Anti-Respirant Spray which last like for 24hours.

Smiley Face Mask

Staying loyal to Daily Skincare Routine helps removes dead skin and promotes a well hydrated skin complexion, smoothens and keep your skin looking younger most of all the smell calms me down.

Smiley Face Mask

The only Sakura product I find too hash for my face is the Refreshing Facial Toner when I  applied it on my face first I felt like it burns and then my face started to itch and I felt the hit more and more like it was on fire, right then I knew this is not for me.

Taking care of the body is not actually the same as taking care of the face, our skin differs likewise our face some are more sensitive and delicate than the other. Whatever kind of product you intend to use always make sure you use the one that is recommended for your skin because if you don’t you might end up with a skin discomfort. Every product has ingredients description behind, make sure you take time to read it before use.

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