Standing Beautiful

It’s July and the hot Summer sales is going on and everywhere is packed with people here and there, cloths all over the place, shop assistance are been overworked and worked up like no man business as the streets and shopping malls gets busy again. 

Yeah!!  This is what happens when the weather is hot and everyone is looking for something to do to get distracted, as kids go on a long school break while parents desperately looking for somewhere and something to get them engaged.

Nevertheless, before I move into the core of this article it will be an honour to mention today is a special day for the Americans as they celebrate their Independence Day and we will like to rejoice and celebrate with them for the victory of breaking out from the British rule in 1776.

This occasion has caused many super unbelievable Sales to flock around the Net and in-door stores so if you ever wanted anything so bad? Then this is your chance to go get it before wiser ones will grab it!! Another tip: Make sure you go with your Mawashi Strings and a shopping microscope to spot out those nice hidden things 😁.

As we come to the end of days article, here are some of the pictures of my day outfit as I wander in the Shopping mall of Rosny 2 and watch people hit straight to the 60% sales corner what a chaos!!!

Standing Beautiful

Standing Beautiful

Standing 3.jpg


Click on the name of the brands to direct you to the websites


Ralph Lauren Top: knitted Cotton Shirt

Pant: Mitsy Denim Heart Mom Jeans`

Bag: Shein

Converse Sneakers Shoes: Out of Stock

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  1. Hello, je suis vraiment très ravie de voir votre blog, a chaque fois c est quelquechose de nouveau, alors bravo 👏 et bonne continuation


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