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Beautiful view

The Summer is fully here and by day the heat is getting unsupportable and, the only way to handle it is by drinking lots of water to hydrate yourself, eating a lot of fresh fruits, salad and of course bathing as much as you can to keep you fresh.

It also would be a great idea to spend sometime by the seaside, Seaview and beach is a perfect place to go to but if you live in a city/town like Paris where there is none then a swimming pool will do and don’t forget to take an umbrella to stay shielded.

So… longing to visit the beach because is time for some vitamin-sea and some mind refreshening 😁. Here are some pictures I took by the seaside wearing some of the outfit I purchased online and indoor stores

Beautiful Seaside view

Beautiful Seaside view

Beautiful Seaside view

Beautiful Seaside view

Beautiful seaside view

Beautiful seaside view

You may also watch the full video of the Huge try-on clothing haul of all the outfit I got for the summer in my YouTube channel your SubscriptionLikes and Comments will put a smile on my face.

Also there’s been a clothing haul series going on my Instagram so please go check it out and start following.


Jacket: Missy Empire

Jumpsuit “Old/Out of stock”: H&M

White Maternity Belly Band as Tube 😂 “had to be creative”

Shoes: Ego

Bag: Shein

Sunshade: Prada

3 thoughts on “THE GIRL BY THE SEASIDE

  1. Girl you’re rocking these blue lips💙 I which I could wear a denim jacket right now, but it’s way to hot in The Bahamas.

    1. Thank you dear. The lipstick is from Mac cosmetics that’s a tested I have on lol. It’s hot here too but I wore on a cool evening

  2. […] post is to inform you that i finally acommplished the wish of my last post which was to be by the Seaside. So I got a ticket and hopped into a train to Barcelona from Paris not minding sitting down for 6 […]

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