Caring and Styling Curly Girl Method – Hairstyling Hacks

Hairstyling hacks

Curly wavy hair is particularly a complicated hairstyle to please and yet it versatility is endless when it comes to styling. I know caring for it can be tough and confusing, but when is well cared for you can really have a lot of fun with your hair. 

That is why I want to share with you some of my curly girl method and hairstyle tips that I use to care for my wigs, this method involves learning the essence of a spiral and understanding how to care for it, and I’m sure once you’ve mastered the art of caring and styling a curly hair, then its versatility becomes handy.

How do you master a spiral perm before and after care? Very simple!

    1. Detaching Tangles on Dry hair: When detangling a curly hair you need to consider where to start from, now you might be in a haste to start brushing from the top/middle and that will be a dead move to make because it will tangle the hair more when you brush down; So the right place to start from is the tip, gently brushing it out to open up the curls and then move your way up-to-down till you get to the top or root of your head.
    1. Water, Shampoo and Co-wash hair: Wet the hair and then pour some shampoo in your palm and run your finger through it, massage gently to avoid tangling and wash it off. Apply some condition and also massage it gently and then use a paddle or detangling brush to brush the curls out then leave the conditioner on for 5 -10 mins to penetrate. When washing out the conditioner make sure to continue brushing your hair as the water runs through to completely detangle and to keep the curls bouncing. 
    1. Drying a Wet Curly Hair: I prefer towel and air drying a wet curly hair. When hair is damped, apply some mousse and curl definition cream to prep the curls before it completely dries up. Once is dry you can apply some serums in your palm and separate curls with your fingers or use a finger comb.
    1. Prepping a Dry Curly Hair: Divide your hair into three parts and damp it with a leave-in condition, then apply some curl definition cream starting from the back, cut out a piece like you want to make a box braid and Run-Roll your finger through it to define curls do it on each hair and let it dry, Once is dry you can apply some serums to add shine and separate curls with your finger or use a finger comb.


Easy Ways to Style a Curly Hair Effortlessly

Curly hair can be worn in different ways without spending so much time styling it and I’m going to share with you some of my go-to curly girl method hairstyle Look.

I love curly hair and it remains one of favourite hair-do that is why I decided to name every single style you see to help you remember each of them.


This style can be worn for a casual lazy day, for working out or when your hair is dirty and you’re not ready to wash it yet, just wrap it up and roll it around using a rub band or hair band.. If it were a straight hair or body wave hair I would hold my hair like this with a hair tie when I want to go to bed, it will keep the hair out of my way while I sleep and protect it too from tangling.

Donut style



Hot dog hair bun in the easy crazy hair ideas you can see a girl carrying when she’s on the run for an errant. To style it, just bend your head down leaving all the hair to fall and pack it together using a small hairband to hold it halfway, then rap the tips around the hairband and spread the edges with both hands to make the hair lay long like a hotdog.

Simple styling method



The pineapple fall is a flirty hairstyle that makes you look beautiful and busy to do too much right now. When I want to go to bed I usually hold my curls up in a pineapple fall and wrap a hair tie around my head, its helps  protect the curls from tangling, keeps curls intact and my baby hairs stay laid and flat.

Pineapple Fall



The name already speaks for itself, it’s a two side friendly looking buns almost resembling the famous Disney personality. If you have a little daughter you can be sure she’ll like this hairstyle to make her look like Minnie Mouse. Sorry i’m still a little girl by heart 😂.

Two bun



Simple ways to style a curly hair with ease. This style is a one side hairstyling method you can wear to any occasion flaunting your backless dress. Styling it is easy, first make a loose bun leave it on while you make up, later remove the band and let it fall and drop to one side.

Curly hair

Curling hair



This barbie didn’t come to play she came to slay, dang! You every day simple look.

Beautiful curling hair

Lay edges: Last and not the least, use a clean edge laying brush or a wooden boar brush, most people use toothbrush to lay their edges. To properly lay your edges use some mousse and a small amount of edge control and brush through systematically aligning the baby hair on your hairline and edges creating a sideburns.

I hope you enjoyed and learnt something from my bad day hair remedies? It would be nice to know what other hairstyling hacks you do to get over bad hair day.

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