Pants You Should Wear To Make Your Bum Look Bigger

Bigger bum

This pink box braid I’m carrying is quite a fascinating hair style, a lot of people have complimented me, some even stopped me to ask who made the hair for me and where I got the extension from. To a point when I’m walking on the street adults even kids chat me up just to gaze at me properly, some who are shy to talk just gaze at me like I’m a walking candy and I just giggle.

Always in the mood to break boundaries! 
That kind of – personal style that is fearless and original.

If you’ve been following Sassy Fashion for a while, you’ll know I’m intrinsically attracted to lively colours and fitted cloths, those types of attire that accentuates all my curvy aspects. They say “if you’ve got it flaunt it”.

Python Skin Pant

Autumn fashion

As a fashion enthusiast with a vivacious, outgoing personality, I’ve adopted a fashion style that adapts to my own personal style, and no matter what season of the year it is flashy colours must be added. Especially now, that we’re transitioning into the fall it will be so much fun combining colours.

Autumn is in the air, so are snakeskins prints Psss! 

You may be wondering when does summer really end and when does the fall start? I tell you is here already and some days are freezing cold.

Nudes and snakeskin prints are always a la mode and to let them have the spotlight you need to wear them with neutral colours like white, grey or black. Snakeskin prints are very complimentary whether it a snakeskin booties, bag, top, skirt or pant you can actually combine it with anything without being over dressed.

Autumn fashion style

In addition to my fashion style, I fancy simple free white t-shirt that are not hugging and a piece of wide leg Python skin pants that are fitted on the bum to accentuate my curvy butt bringing out all my shape and I absolutely don’t mind because it kinda feels like we’re in a era of curvy women with cinched waist and thicker thighs, everywhere you look you’ll definitely see a beautiful round curvy booty and I’m glad I’m not left out. That’s probably why rappers can’t make a song without mentioning it.

Nice body Shape

Ladies if you’re thinking of fine tuning your buttock asset without going through surgery then maybe you should join Autumn Calabrese fitness program to fine tune your thighs and butt who knows maybe you might achieve the Kardashian butt.


Pant Material: Lycra



Extensions: Pink Jumbo Braiding Hair Extensions Fashion Xpression Kanekalon Synthetic Braiding Hair 24 inches 5 Pieces


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