Hilda Shows How to Wear Pink Effortlessly – Summer Glam

Shades of pink

I might have stalled on writing but I didn’t stop looking good as y’all know Hilda love cloths and they love me 😂 too. 

Before I get into this topic I’ll like to quickly apologise for conking out on y’all and not posting more frequently like I used too. This is because I’ve got so much on my plate at the moment but I promise to be more committed hence forth.

I am a fan of Patricia Bright a Youtube and Instagram influencer, I was instantly drawn to her collaboration with Amazonthedrop collection and I didn’t hesitate to get her set of oversized T-Shirt and High Waist Midi Skirt in size S. I plan to wear them separately, maybe pair the T-shirt with a jeans pant and the skirt with an orange long sleeve bodysuit. I am so in love with this pink set and I’m glad I didn’t miss out. 


Pink is beautiful

Pink is beautiful

I adore the warmth of pink on my skin. Is such a sweet cute colour and less complicated to handle. I can comfortably pull it off seamlessly with any colour whether with orange, white, violet, mint, green or even with a neon lemon and I’ll look like a cup of candy.

I am the kind of fashionista who is style obsessed, I love to see my wardrobe lined up with rich hues of colours most especially with different shades of pink colour, it makes me feel like I’m living summer all through the year. Plus, it awakens my sense of styling. I find it really wise to take advantage of what I have in my wardrobe, and almost when I shop for outfit I try to pick something I can pair up. 

Pink is beautiful

Pink is beautiful

Pink is beautiful

Pink is beautiful

There are different shades of pink and they all stand out separately or together,  so don’t worry about having too much pink in your wardrobe because too much is never too much.

Here’s another shade of pink outfit that I added to my wardrobe, I got it on sale from New Yorker . I wanted to try another kind of pink so I got this Neon Pink T-Shirt and a Baby Pink Skirt  to compliment the look.

And they both fit absolutely nice on my skin when I tried them on.

Pink is beautiful


Shades of pink

Shades of Pink

Pink is an exciting colour and I believe it can be worn anytime of the year, you can also pair it up with a black leather jacket in winter and you’ll look charming.

My best pro styling tip for pairing pink would be mixing it with a primary colour, tertiary colour or secondary colours and you’ll be good. 



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