Fear of Failure

Fear is part of human nature and failure is part of life they both work hand in hand but they aren’t an inherent traits. It’s unimaginable to go through life without experiencing some sort of failure and I believe at a point in everyones live we all have failed. 

Apparently, there’s nobody on this earth that hasn’t failed before no matter how conscious that person is you can’t avoid it because failing is an important trait to have because it aligns you towards improvement.

This topic affects your every decision and it’s important to address it as a delicate matter because there’re so many people in the world that are suffering from “fear of failure” and quite few who have Atychiphobia, and this has consume the most part of them that they just can’t move beyond these fears to advance in life because they believe if there’s every chance of failing then what’s the need of trying and that’s a coward notion. To get beyond these fears you have to redefine what the fears are before you can solve them.

There are many reasons that can cause you to constantly live in fear of failure, it could range from growing up with tough parents who set up unrealistic goals beyond your capacity and criticise you harshly, self doubt, bully, neuroticism, sarcastic utterances from friends and so on. These words and actions creates emotions of fear that stays with you for year.


What Is Fear? 

  • Fear is an obstacle or hinderance and is the only thing standing between you and your success.
  • Fear means you’re ignorant of your potentials, abilities and skills, and ignorance is the strongest tools against you.
  • Fear keeps open doors to the enemy and that makes you vulnerable.
  • Fear blinds you from seeing beyond your capacity.
  • Fear is your greatest ENEMY.


Fear as a Natural Trait

Fear is an incredible biological trait to have why because it makes you conscious and attentive to possible dangers doesn’t mean it would stop what will happen from happening but it only makes you preconscious. The Science behind fear explains that the aim to avoid danger is essential and it has become extremely advantageous to the sustainability of the survival of humans.


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Generally, the unseen is quite challenging and frightening, it makes you fringe because of Fear, failure produces fear of trying and it becomes the after effect that is to say; the fear of failing paralyses your guts from stepping out or repeating again. 

However, humans tend to express fear often towards anything or situation that is unknown to them, it becomes a challenge especially when it has to do with change, something out of our normal routine. For example, anything that makes you move out of your comfort zone becomes frightening especially when you’ve already found your stability you’ll see any change as a threat to that comfort.

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Honestly, It is ok to be afraid and it is also ok to fail too. Failing is not a bad thing rather it has two ways it will impact you, it either fortifies you or weakens you depending on how you see it. 

You see one thing you need to understand is the story you tell yourself will determine the life you live, if you keep saying to yourself you’ll fail you will eventually fail because fear has overtaken you and dreaded you away from reality. One of the ways to gain control over fear of failure is to summon courage and familiarise with the problem.



Have you ever failed in something or been afraid of something that you never ever want to even try again?

It is understandable that the fear of failure can be quite intimidating and discouraging, and therefore deprives you from discovering new things that might even be very useful to your life. Fear creates a mental barrier and blindness which prevents you from seeing beyond achievable things and If you don’t try you’re likely to miss a lot of opportunities; the one thing you should understand is that the only way to truly fail is when you stop fighting/trying.

Do you dare to fail and never stop learning?

The thing that generates fear of failure is the actual fear in the unsure of the unseen and that fear is a stumbling block towards your advancement and is the only thing standing between you towards reaching your purpose and destiny, if you can confront fear you’ll be an overcoming and that’s the attitude you need to apply.

There’s a psychology behind failure, you see it is actually good for you to fail why because you learn from it and it becomes a real life experience.

Biologically fear is a wired reaction in the brain everyone feels so feel free to be afraid but don’t let that fear be a blocking stump to becoming who you want to be. Everyone has a weakness and strength on the inside of them and if you can once in a while evaluate these assets you’ll be able to manage the situation before fear comes.

No one is perfect! We all make mistakes so don’t be ashamed to drop the ball and start again, if you dare to fail please attempt again you’ll find the mistakes along the way and you’ll be able to dust them off which gives the chance to do better next time.


Means setting realistic goals and expectations that you know can be done and reachable instead of setting high targets that you know you don’t even have the sustainable resources and capabilities toward reaching them this way you’ll  save yourself the disappointment.

Ultimately, overcoming fear of failure will require more than just reading motivational quotes and self love quotes rather it will depend so much on self confidence, self worth and what you tell yourself. I believe you’ve gleaned plenty of wisdom from this article. If you’re excited to have a new beginning then make that decision now to break free from those barriers and confront your fears once and for all it’s better done than never. The only way to truly fail is when you stop trying.

If you’d like to enlighten yourself more about how to gain control over the fear of failure the Bible is a good book to study, there are encouraging bible verses and it teaches about discovering ones identity, hope, motivation, strength and faith.

Bible verses

Bible verses


Bible versesBible verses


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