It may look like I’m obsessed with Chanel but really I just love how the letters sit gorgeously on the frame. There’s so much to like about this wall art frame because it beautifies every space whether a living room, bedroom, hallway or even an office. It is just so perfect for any kind of space you choose to hang it.

The point of this DIY is to decorate my home and also utilise my creativity, and I believe it also can inspire anyone that finds home decor fascinating. 

If you have so much empty walls in your home you should be thinking of filling it will nice looking big wall frames or pictures to compliment the wall space.  

Coco Chanel 3D Flower Walll Art

Coco Chanel 3D Flower Wall Art

I got inspired to create this 3D Flower Wall Art frame from the scratch and I’m happy with the result. It didn’t require much time or stress to make it. Just gathered the items together and you’re set to start recreating yours.

In anywise, I’m disposed to make one for you if you commission to make.

I have a full video tutorial that explains how I started the painting the frame from scratch

Here is a full video of how I created this frame 

If you ever get inspired and motivated by this video and want to recreate it please don’t hesitate to share with me It will be lovely to know you did.



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