What Advice of Wisdom Would You Give To Your Younger Self

If you’re allowed to travel back in time what advice of wisdom would you give to your younger self?

You start thinking about the possibilities and how possible it could be it would only take a second to realize that you only mind travelling though the experience is also therapeutic.

It turns out we all do these mind trips when we feel unfulfilled in some certain part of our life and wished we could turn back the hands of the clock and travel back in time to advise our younger self better.

This thought usually ruminates on in our minds mostly during the end of the year and we tend to make new year’s resolution to keep us in line, while some like to mull over it on their birthdays. I mean, there’s never a particular fixed age for you to come to your sense of proportion. These can happen at any stage of one’s life and when you’re you’ll know it.

Like me, in my early 20’s I was driven by the youthful exuberance I would tell “let’s light up the fire and enjoy life to it’s fullest” not until I got divorced life became more challenging than I expected then I realized the personification of the fact that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I might not have lived long enough to give you all that granny recipes. I have lived many examples in my own life to comprehend the tough most get going when the going gets tough.

I’m not trying to insinuate life was black and blue most certainly, I have so much to be thankful for in the past, more to celebrate in the present, and awaiting the future because it only gets better each day.

Mind travelling

Even Oprah Winfrey, American television talk presenter, 66,  does have her own mind travelling moment thinking about what she’d tell her younger self to “relax, stop being afraid” and to believe “everything is going to be alright“.

With much said, if I’m to advise my younger self I’d write me a weekly letter as a reminder to stay on track and be focused and this letter will include some nuggets of wisdom. In a jiffy, I’m going to explain them but first I’m going to split them into categories:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Love Relationship
  • Friends
  • Education
  • Work
  • Finances


Health is life: Health usually gets more complicated when getting older; it is good to be up to date about your body and keep good habits.

  • Maintain ideal body weight.
  • Get regular exercise
  • Drink plenty of water and mind your business.
  • Avoid accessive consumption of alcohol
  • Visit your doctor for a constant check-up.
  • All young women should take care of their health at an early age and have some sort of knowledge about the personal risk that can lead to breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer. Some younger women would actually ignore what will save their life, they would prefer to avoid breastfeeding because they’re avoiding saggy breasts.
  • Men and women should visit a urologist
  • Taking care of your younger self at an early age does a lot of good to your mental state of mind and it will help fortify your mind to making better decisions for your life, career, and also becoming a better mother or father.


Family is everything: Family doesn’t necessarily mean people with the same bloodline, they’re people who genuinely have your interest at heart and shield you from getting hurt.

  • Value your family and the time you spend with them so when you grow older you’ll not depart from what you’ve learnt.
  • Family is everything even if it is not perfect which there ain’t no such thing like a perfect family.
  • Family is where you get your source of the sense of belonging and that sense of belonging takes you a long way till you become a fully-grown person.
  • The most common problem in the world is lack of sense of belonging people you see who don’t feel loved or degrade themselves are because when they were young they never really saw where they belong.

Is there anything like an ideal family?


Taking good care of yourself doesn’t just only mean eating well and exercising but also keeping good sleeping habits and waking up gradually to help the brain function well.

In the past, I have had the experience of rushing out of the bed quickly and collapsed because I didn’t give my brain enough time to wake up and landed myself in the hospital.

  • Don’t be too in a hurry to leave the bed, try waking up slowly to give your brain some time to fully be awake from its unconsciousness. I trained myself to set my alarm 20 to 25 minutes to ring before my real waking-up time, while still in the bed I take my time to reflect or remember my dreams, meditate, pray and read a verse in the bible, after that, I’m allowed to take my phone check my WhatsApp messages, miss calls and also check my emails too. I’ve” learnt that I feel much better and I’m much in a happier mood and ready to kick my day.
  • Learn to appreciate and compliment yourself for every achievement.
  • Don’t get caught up in problems of the moment and forget to live. Remember they’re all phases of life and are temporal, it shall all pass and will become “Once upon a time”.
  • Learn to be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.
  • Appreciate more the present and focus on building the future instead of wasting time reviewing hurts from the past. Just because it didn’t work out last time doesn’t mean it won’t work out this time.
  • Make out time for yourself, go on short trips, read something that interests you, watch a movie,  and indulge yourself in doing what you like to do.
  • Know your worth
  • I would advise my younger self to discover my inner strength and focus on building them.
  • You need to believe more in yourself and less of external validation.
  • Keep going and never rest on your laurels.
  • To be successful in life requires tough personality, determination, relentlessness, motivation, risk, fierce attempt to achieving your goals, optimism, loving your ideas and believing in you.
  • Do what you think is best for you and don’t let peoples opinions and approval validate your decision.
  • You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone
  • Choose to stay happy

What would you do to take care of yourself?

Focus on your strength
Strength is power


Relationship to Situationship: A relationship can be complicated and challenging and its axis is constantly fluctuating. Most times, it changes from being a relationship into a situation-ship because some people don’t know how to fulfil their own part of the agreement. Generally, Relationships and marriages are based on the agreement of quid pro quo where you give and take to balance it.

  • Love is beautiful and someday you’ll find your soulmate though you’ll have to kiss a few frogs before you find him or her.
  • In a relationship, you need to keep your eyes awake like a fish.
  • Give what you only have and not what you don’t have, and don’t take what you don’t intend giving.
  • Don’t even ask for what you can’t give
  • Don’t let a man sweep you off your feet with a calculative conversation.
  • Sustain your dignity and live an upright life
  • Don’t move in with him or her until you’re married
  • Do not give too much until you’re one
  • Don’t try to deform your character just to please a person
  • Raise your standards
  • Don’t settle for less or put yourself up for clearance nor on discount
  • Don’t shrink your worth to connect to anyone
  • Don’t try to be what they classify as ideal woman/man for them
  • Don’t let him/her talk you down about your physical looks or make you go to the gym when they can’t even lift a finger.
  • Be with someone you can grow with otherwise this will shuffle the relationship
  • Be humble and meek but don’t be stupid

Do you believe in love?

Love yourself


  • Mind the friends you keep a bad company can deviate you from your purpose.
  • There is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and avoid envious minded friends.
  • The reason for having call someone your friend is because you both share the same goals, ideas and can relate well but if it is the opposite don’t consider staying in that friendship because it will eat you up.
  • You don’t need a whole army all you need is just 2 to 3 good friends you can call at any time and they’ll be there.
  • If you want to know your true friends then ask yourself do you have the kind of friends that may support you in something that may end up in embarrassing you or something that may end up degrading your character?
  • Stick to those who don’t really mind be associated with embarrassment consider them as your real friends.
  • If you find good friends respect and maintain the friendship.
  • Your real friends are the ones who’s got your back whether thick or thin.
  • Don’t keep friends who are only around you when you’re in success

Do you have those kinds of friends that will support you in any situation?




Going to college to obtain a certificate will not guarantee you to be successful in future but it is necessary to enlighten and help sharpen your knowledge to a certain level.

  • Please don’t drop out of school though is hard but keep pushing.
  • You’re never too old to go back to school
  • Invest in yourself and consider Self-learning because is key. Take me for an example, many things I do now I never learnt them at school, I learnt by just watching made research online, read quite a few lines, analyse and believed in myself.
  • Learning determines the approach, attitudes and interests you put.
  • It is important to study hard and not cheat so you can truly master your crafts.
  • It is important to keep your nose and head clean from drugs and crime.
  • Pick a major you like that matches your inner strength
  • Pick a good major that has good employment opportunities.


  • Mind your business, do your job and take it seriously
  • Keep your personal life private
  • The sad truth your company don’t care about you they care about your input to the company and profitability
  • Don’t bring your work frustrations home
  • Keep your colleague friendship at work
  • Bring your own cooked meals to work if you can because eating out can make you spend more than your monthly budget and not only that you can be tempted to eat junk food that can put your health at risk.
  • Do a job you like but if you don’t earn enough money from it find another alternative that can pay your bills
  • Don’t work in a toxic environment because it will drain you up


  • Learn how to save
  • Make a scale of preference for your spending
  • Make business investments

Self-assessment is a vital process of improving yourself and correcting past mistakes if you can really start being honest to yourself the better. Basically, I believe everyone has his or her own time of realisation and the earlier you start auto evaluating your life frequently the more it helps you keep a sense of proportion of what is important in life.

Most certainly, I can boldly say I’ve learned so much from my life experiences and wished I knew those things I know now I knew them then but I’m really glad I made those mistakes because they helped me get to this point of realisation and reaching my sense of proportion of what I should be doing more and what I should be discarding.

If you could give your younger self some nuggets of wisdom what would you say? Would love to hear from you all what advice you would give and how do you intend to apply it to your life now

Would you dare to equate experience with wisdom?

Please drop your comments below


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