How to Assemble and Refinish a Dining Furniture

It giggles me as I flashback to my first carpentry work when I made this Tufting Hack: How To Make A Solid Buttoned Tufted Bench That Can Last Long it took me a lot of planning and daily encouragement to see the bench Diy Project came into reality and now I’m at it again.

I have moved into a new apartment for almost a year and needed some piece of dining furniture but have had not the time neither the resources to accomplish the furnishing until now.

How did I choose a colour theme for my apartment?

First and foremost, I wanted something subjective a colour that I can relate with that is rarely used but also at the same time that pronounces elegance in style so I singled out Emerald green, White, Gold and Black as the colour theme of my apartment as choosing a colour theme effectively is key to the success of a design and home decor.

  1. Walls are White in colour
  2. White Fireplace designed with a real-looking fire poster and DIY Black backdrop
  3. DIY sideboard
  4. Table lamp which was silver but sprays painted to Gold
  5. Couch and dining Furniture are Emerald green with Gold feet

During the process of deciding the type of dining furniture I wanted, certainly, I knew I wanted a piece of dining furniture that will match with the sideboard, upholstered couch, and also something that I could flip and refinish to my taste and I’d really love to share with you all a behind the scenes glimpse of this project.




  • Table
  • Bench
  • 2 Chairs


  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Screws










Step 1: Assemble Furniture

Before refinishing the surface of the furniture I first assembled all the parts to actually see how they look before the transformation began.


Step 2: Preparation

After assembling the feet to each of the furniture separately then placed a protective plastic on the floor to avoid making a mess, wore a face mask, hand gloves, and opened the doors and window to allow ventilation of fresh air in the area.


Step 3: Coating Paint Stripper

Start coating the paint stripper to them. I let it sit for about four hours to allow the product to penetrate the surface of the woods.


Step 4: Scratch off Paint

Take the scraper and begin to remove the residue from the feet of the furniture then sand it to give a smoother surface.


Step 5: Primer Coat

The primer undercoat is necessary to allow the final topcoat to stick perfectly on the surface of the wood and also makes the paint last longer without letting it pill after long use. When you start to paint the primer on the furniture you need to take a very little quantity of paint at a time and maintain strokes of movement of the brush to allow the paint to spread properly.


Step 6: Final Top Coat 

When the primer coat completely dried I took gold spray paint and shook it for something as indicated on the bottle before I start painting and while spraying maintained a sequence of movement to avoid a bulge. After the first coat, I repeated the step again to cover furniture completely.

Once it was dry I arranged the chairs and table and decorated it, and this is the after look.

The project was worth it, the good thing was it was all on a budget and it looks fantastic.

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