The Second Wave Of Coronavirus Is Back in Autumn: Beware

The latest Corona news from Germany: main news of the day

Decisions of the Federal Government and the Länder: These are the new Corona rules in November

Today the 28th of November the German Government has regulated a new movement restriction law and the new rules are very similar to the shutdown in march earlier this year. The law is due to come into force on 2 November – and will remain in force until the end of the November.

This new rule could mean another curfew during the whole month of November the same as that of spring. The lockdown is due to come into force as from the on 2 November – and the government will enforce this lockdown at every means to protect people and prevent further spread of the virus.

It means that there is already a second wave of the coronavirus and people should be aware. Spain, Italy and France have already reported a huge number of new infection of the virus late last week and are about to possibly go on a lockdown too.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has defended the tough decisions taken by the federal and state governments to contain the corona pandemic. The aim of this decision is to contain and control the virus before it spreads vigorously beyond control and causes an overwhelming national health emergency.

The Chancellor said on Wednesday after consultations with the prime ministers of the Länder with a worried and concerned tone.

 “We must act, and we must act now

The curve must level off again

A temporary “national effort” was now needed in November. Here is an overview of the new rules:

While Markus Söder the Prime minister of Federal Republic of Deutschland repeatedly emphasised

Minimise contact, minimise contact

Here is an overview of the new rules in Germany against the COVID19:


Only members of two households are allowed to meet in public – a maximum of ten people. Celebrations in flats and private facilities are described as “unacceptable”.


Restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and pubs will be closed. Delivery services and take-away food are still allowed. Canteens are also allowed to open.


Leisure facilities will be closed. These include theatres, operas, concert halls, trade fairs, cinemas, leisure parks, saunas, amusement arcades, casinos, betting shops and brothels. All events that serve entertainment purposes are prohibited.


Fitness studios, swimming pools and fun pools will be closed. Amateur sports operations will be discontinued, so clubs will no longer be allowed to train. Individual sports, such as jogging alone or in pairs, are still permitted. Professional sports such as the German Football League are only permitted without spectators.


Citizens should refrain from private travel, day trips and visits to relatives – even within Germany. Hotels and guesthouses are no longer allowed to accept tourists.


Cosmetic studios, massage practices and tattoo studios will be closed because the minimum distance cannot be maintained here. Medically necessary treatments such as physiotherapy or foot care are still possible. Hairdressers also remain open.


Retail remains open – but there are rules on how many customers can be in the shop at any one time.


Schools and kindergartens remain open. The same applies to social and youth welfare institutions.


Wherever possible, people should work from home again.


Companies, self-employed persons and associations which are particularly affected by the new Corona rules will be compensated for large parts of their lost turnover. For companies with a maximum of 50 employees, the federal government will compensate 75 per cent, for larger companies the decision will be made in accordance with EU state aid law.


Rapid tests are to be introduced quickly in hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly and disabled.

How many corona infected people are there in Germany? 

How are the figures developing in other countries? 

What corona measures will be adopted? 

The coronavirus has threatened health, social and economic worldwide.

Something very important to point out here is that people who live in Germany have been living life relaxed and comfortable after the release from the lockdown in march, people went back to work, schools reopenned, shops were opened at the beginning the companies respected the maximum of people to visit their stores at a time but after a month of all these ceremonies, excessive clients were trooping into stores at the same time and packed up like sardines.

People adjusted too easily that you would ask if Coronavirus ever existed in Germany though people still respected the rules of wearing a mask but ignored the social distancing and many would even argue with you Coronvirus was politics.

The current corona figures:

Worldwide: More than 44.1 million people were infected (deaths: over 1.1 million; convalescence: over 29.8 million) – Source for all figures in this section: Johns Hopkins University.

Confirmed cases in Germany: over 471,000 (deaths: over 10,100; convalescence: over 332,000) since the beginning the virus hit.

The most severely affected country is the USA with over 8.7 million infected persons (deaths: over 226,000; convalescence: over 3.4 million)

The latest Corona news from Germany:

RKI reports peak value for new corona infections

According to the Robert Koch Institute, health authorities reported 14,964 new corona infections within one day – a record since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, the figures are not fully comparable with those from the beginning of the year, as considerably more tests are now being carried out, resulting in a higher number of infections detected. One week ago today, the number was 7595. On Saturday, 14,714 new infections were recorded, the highest number since the beginning of the corona pandemic in Germany.


Please let us all stay safe, be careful and beware. Don’t let your guard down still keep respecting social distancing and disaffecting your hand with a sanitizer as much as possible, take clothes, shoes off when you get home and run a bath on the shower.


Much love People




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    1. Is hitting again and we’re not even still prepared. We all have to look out for ourselves by taking personal hygiene serious .


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