Hey, beauties! This article is going to be teaching how to prepare for photograph headshots. We are going to be learning secrets on how to take your own headshot or pose for a headshots photograph at home as this is going to be helpful for anyone who is trying to be seen and admired on social platforms.

A headshot comes in handy for anyone who wants to put their face out there on a social platform. A headshots portraits can vary depending on what you want to use it for, It could be a fashion photograph, professional photograph or a corporate headshot. Entrepreneurs, models, actors, actresses and even Instagrammer use it to present themselves for people to identify them. If you want to catch people’s attention a presentable professional headshot photograph can make visitors want to spend longer time on your page or website just scrolling and watching your pictures.

Please stay with me as I’m going to be spilling out some vital pieces of information that you might need to know prior to taking a headshot photo for your Instagram post, Facebook profile or even for your YouTube profile. Basically, you might need it for any kind of photography.

A headshots photograph simply means a shot of your head. When in the process of producing a photograph image you need to take into account all of these:


At first, you might consider commissioning a professional photographer for professional headshots but hiring one can be very expensive price can range from €1000 plus if it is a high-end photographer but on a low-end photographer can cost you as from €50 per photo session and each session will take 1:30 hour but if you can’t afford a professional photographer, you can take your own professional headshots with your phone or camera.

Hiring a professional photographer also means she has to do all the dirty job for you plus has the experience and can give you posing directions, camera equipment, lights equipment, backdrops, a place of convenience/studio and editing software to make your pictures come outright.

Here are some photo I took of my sister at home


On the other hand, if you’re a self-learning person who knows how to Do It Yourself and have all these types of equipment at home like I do as a Youtube channel owner then you won’t have to worry at all. All you’ll need is a phone or camera that has remote control capabilities and with a little bit of practice as you do when you take selfies on your phone.


Using a Phone obviously is nothing like using a Camera why because a camera has only one function which is to snap or to record but a phone has multiple functions which means it can only deliver to a certain level for each function it doesn’t give its maximum for all.

The other thing about a camera is that you need to get a camera that has a flippable screen so you can see yourself and also a good interchangeable shooting lens with auto zoom in and out.


There is nothing like investing in a good tripod. You don’t want to get a tripod that your camera is too heavier than or something unstable which is too dangerous because your camera can fall off to the ground and that’s the end of the story.


When you’re shooting give yourself a good amount of distance from your camera so that your lens can focus well if not you’re going to start distorting your face or the camera will defocus and the images will come out blurry. Before shooting organise your camera settings to the right feature, What I usually do is I use my wig dome head canvas and place it on a tripod standing where I want to position myself for the shooting and then I go behind the camera and focus the lens to the right dimension for a sharp focus.


Avoid staying too close to the wall or backdrop give it a distance so you can pop more and the picture will have more depth, put your camera a bit higher to give you a more snatched face. It is advisable to use natural lighting as much as possible because the light reflects differently on the face than the artificial. If the light comes towards your face is better than coming from your side because it tends to create shadows, also get a white or silver umbrella or reflector for shooting to fill in the shadow and create a beam of light in your eyes.


Making up before taking your pictures prepare your mind and it stimulates excitement, it will make you feel beautiful and ready to go in front of the camera. Makeup reduces unnecessary highlight and sweats on your face but if you a lady that doesn’t like making up you still need to wear some sort of light makeup like a translucent powder on your face to remove shine and it will also make you look natural. Have in mind it is important to be well-styled and primped for a photoshoot.


Hairstyle should be impeccable as it is called head-shot. Your hair should be clean, dyed and styled. You don’t want to have grey hair showing in the picture as that will make you look unkempt, sharpen your brows, shave your moustache, the hairs on your face, nose and upper lip. Keep your face as smooth and perfect as possible, though these things can be removed by Adobe photoshop but is going to be more task for the photo editor.


Styling your wardrobe for a headshot is very essential because your style is going to tell a story about you in the picture not verbally but optically. You want to style yourself with something that is not robbing your face of all the attention it needs. Wear something less distracting but complimenting to your face, so use complementary colours and avoid prints and patterns. If you are going to be wearing a really dark cloth and have animals like a cat or dog at home try to get a fluff remover to remove hair particles from the cloth you’re going to be wearing for the photo shoot.


Iron or stem your cloths do not wear it rumpled to snap any photograph at all because it looks shabby and unprepared of you to appear on a professional headshot photoshoot.


When taking a professional photo you need to thrive to reach perfection even though it doesn’t exist at all. Your body parts play a synergic role when posing for example your eyes focus needs to be accurate, your mood and facial expression need to be intact 👌🏾. The facial expression will depend on the theme of the shoot whether you’re going for a smiley, frowny or serious face the image needs to be in focus.


Many a time, it is advisable to have nice music in the background playing to cheer you up because it helps to motivate and brings the best out of you.


Remove anything behind or beside you that will cause distraction in your photo, anything irrelevant should be removed from the background. Is better to arrange your home studio if you’re shooting from home as a lot of things you see every day at home might not be a distraction to you but when it comes to shooting a professional picture is better off out than hanging.


When posing for the actual headshot photographs you can pose in Full Frontal, Three Quarter, eye contact is important you should make an eye contact that is engaging, straight to the camera or side look of the camera, loosen your self don’t press your arm too close to the body, hold it steady like a mannequin, put your chin in and out and avoid turtle neck.

Full Frontal Headshot Pose

I hope you liked this article and thanks for reading.

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