Cutest Blazer Dress on ASOS – Detailing and Styling

The way a cloth will look on a hanger is not the same way it will look on a person or mannequin, It is totally viewed differently. In fact there’s a huge difference a hanger will hide all the attributes of the cloth while a person’s body or mannequin will add spice and give it more sense.

Detailing is everything in a fine sown cloth and styling is key for me.

I’m inspired every time I see creative minds and beautiful things people do. Designing cloths is not so easy you know and styling it is another art on it’s own that’s why most fashion store hire visual merchandisers to style their mannequins and models so shoppers can have a clue of how the cloths may look like on.

I found this beautiful coral blazer dress on ASOS the other day as I was surfing online searching for what’s on trend. When I saw this blazer dress I was blown away by the style and what the designer who made it was trying to transmit through the style, cut and colour.  

This coral blazer dress is giving me a whole vibe and I truly love how my skin juts out over it.  I couldn’t have found any outfit so satisfying as this for a special day like my birthday because it really gussied me up for my get together party.

The style seems to inspire class, eccentricity, sexiness and cuteness in such a way that it projects corporate in the front but at the back it charmingly reveals a backless cut.

I styled it with a Michael Kors Georgie Sneakers and tied a brown Mango belt around my waist and here a belt that looks exactly the same.

I love the mix of vibe this coral blazer dress is giving me, it’s a whole mood! Anytime I’m styling an outfit there’re three goals I like to accomplish, the first goal is to like the outfit, the second is to feel comfortable and good in it and the third is to look gorgeous.

Looking good for me is important and I find it savoury for a woman to do so for herself.


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