Obi Cubana Apprehended by the NDLEA for Involvement with Drug Trafficking

It has come to public notices that Mr Obi Iyiegbu popularly Obi Cubana was apprehended by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency “NDLEA” in Abuja for interrogation based on involvement in money laundering and illicit drug trafficking.

Obi Cubana is said to be a successful businessman and philanthropist who has kept a low profile for many years but decided to come out of the dark mid last year in July 2021 at his mother luxurious burial carnival held in his home town in Anambra. From that day he became very popular and turned celebrity overnight due to the wealth and power he displayed among other Nigerian elitist and ever since then, the source of his wealth has been questioned by the public and the Nigerian govt authority which has made him a target for many foreign intelligence, Economic and Finance Crimes Commission “EFFCC” and multi-agency security network around the globe.

Sources said that he was recently apprehended by the NDLEA for questioning over funds received into his companies account from three different convicted drug dealers located in various part of Asia “ Malaysia, India and including Nigeria. 

Suspicion of his involvement with these drug traffickers seems more certain than assumption because one of the drug lord who was identified was arrested in 2017 at the Mortal Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria and was convicted while the other was convicted in new Delhi, India and another in Kuala Lumpur.

Last year in November Obi Cubana was also arrested by the EFFCC for suspicion of being a top “handler and picker” for prominent internet fraudster and was later released. 

Now this, Mr Iyiegbu has been granted bail and is obliged to return back for interrogations at the NDLEA Head quarter to present all bank statements and documents of his business dealings for scrutiny and through investigations. 

We believe this is just the start of a time bomb and about to explode anytime sooner as more secrets unveils in the future. Though it might sound not so serious now as some corrupt Nigerian authorities who might be on his payroll but just wait until the FBI  finds a loose pin on him then we will all know the truth and there will be no more hiding. 

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