Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers by Virgil Abloh will Launch on Auction

Nike revealed a new footwear design collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Off-White from their lifestyle category Nike Air Force 1.

Nike is a U.S based footwear and sportswear company
Louis Vuitton is a French fashion and luxury goods company
Virgil Abloh is the founder of Off-White and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection from 2018.

During the Summer of last year, Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh disclosed an intention to work with Nike to design the most exciting Air Force 1 collaboration in years. The collection is upgraded in luxury leather with multiple colourways to choose from. The adoring signature monogram indents on the swoosh and the entire sneakers accentuate the white lace and midsole while leaving it to play a significant contrast with the outsole, competitively surpassing the Dior x Air Jordan 1.

Months after the collaboration was revealed Virgil Abloh, unfortunately, died of cardiac angiosarcoma after two years of battling cancer. May his soul rest. Due to that, fashion enthusiasts feared that this collaboration wouldn’t see the daylight. However, new in-hand images of the shoes have surfaced we believe the release is still possible to proceed as planned.

A source informed that when sneakers launch two hundred pairs of the limited-edition sneakers will go on auction through sothebys.com where buyers can bid for $15.000 and profits donated from the auction will go to the Virgil Abloh charity Scholarship Fund “Post Modern” launched in 2020 with an initial donation of $1 million, Louis Vuitton, Nike and Sotheby’s said on Wednesday in a joint statement provided exclusively to WWD.

Nike Air Force 1 is one of Nike favourite footwear categories, collaborating with LV to bring this amazing design is mind-blowing for shoe lovers, as for the price of the sneakers we think is for only those who have so much money to lavish.

Sneakers was themed by bright and multiple colours.


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