Famous French Actor Gaspard Ulliel ’37 years old’ dies in a Ski Accident

37 years old Cesar-winning star of A Very Long Engagement and Hannibal Rising dies after drastic collision with another skier in the Alps

Gaspard Ulliel a French actor and a Hollywood star dies at the age of 37, He starred in the movie “It’s only the end of the World” and won an award for it for Xavier Dolan that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, he also once scored a Cesar nominated for best actor as cast young Hannibal Lector in the prequel “Hannibal Rising” 2007, he was even said to be scheduled to act in Marvel’s upcoming movie “Moon Knight” series.

We know him to be a famous French actor and a good one for it, full of life, enthusiast and skills

Tracing the history of his career and influence in the movie industry he is considered the new generation of actors who were making the future of French cinema.

France Bleu a local French broadcaster reported that Ulliel was skiing in the French Alps and was said to have collided with another skier at a crossing point suffering a fatal head trauma that led to his death on Wednesday. The accident happened on Tuesday and was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter but unfortunately, he didn’t survive the injuries. He is said to be led to rest on Thursday after a funeral service that will be held in Paris.

Gaspard Ulliel dies at the age of 37 in a Ski Accident and is survived by a son and girlfriend Gaëlle Piétri.

Many of his colleagues have come to social media to express their condolences, It is indeed a piece of tragic news, and we feel for his family for their loss, such a young man and beautiful soul gone like that.

We will surely add you to our prayers. May his soul rest in perfect peace.


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