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Fashion of Today is Not Different From the Fashion in the 70

Pleated skirt

Vintage clothing first began in the 20s era and evolved during different eras but the patterns were still maintained. Antique garments and trends began to make more meaning to fashion and the values were conserved till the 70’s era, and many different vintage styles wear incorporated.

People were more civilised looking good was now a language used to express liberty of speech and people connected more with fashion. During that period, more incorporated styles included vibrant outfits, wide outfits talking about modernised flare granny gowns and skirts with patterns, pleated skirt and dresses, flare pants, Palazzo trousers, pinafore dresses, bikinis, Platforms shoes, block heels and boots.

Fashion in the 70 became one of the remarkable styles that still exist till date and will continue to exist like forever because the styles became a trend for fashion designers as we know trends die and return every new era.

Pleated Evening Gown
A Lady wearing a white and silver gowns in 1973

was it belt

Pleated skirt have long existed and have been on trend repeatedly for years but it was first in Fashion in the 70 and now is on trend again. Lets just say the 70’s fashion is literally back again!

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