Fashion of Today is Not Different From the Fashion in the 70

Pleated skirt

Vintage clothing first began in the 20s era and evolved during different eras but the patterns were still maintained. Antique garments and trends began to make more meaning to fashion and the values were conserved till the 70’s era, and many different vintage styles wear incorporated.

People were more civilised looking good was now a language used to express liberty of speech and people connected more with fashion. During that period, more incorporated styles included vibrant outfits, wide outfits talking about modernised flare granny gowns and skirts with patterns, pleated skirt and dresses, flare pants, Palazzo trousers, pinafore dresses, bikinis, Platforms shoes, block heels and boots.

Fashion in the 70 became one of the remarkable styles that still exist till date and will continue to exist like forever because the styles became a trend for fashion designers as we know trends die and return every new era.

Pleated Evening Gown
A Lady wearing a white and silver gowns in 1973

was it belt

Pleated skirt have long existed and have been on trend repeatedly for years but it was first in Fashion in the 70 and now is on trend again. Lets just say the 70’s fashion is literally back again!

It’s a particular kind of skirt with an impressive flare pattern full of multiple vertical pleated eye catching lines with a band on the waist to cinch your waist making the fleas look conspicuous when you walk.

Over knee Skirt

Pleated skirt

Black Skirt

The most common pleated skirt made are over kneel or maxi skirt because it’s a line skirt pattern the beauty is in lines and you can see it through the length but there’re also pleated knee length skirts and pleated mini skirt.

black skirt

It was never my favourite when I was a teen, and I used to have this love hate thing for it. I hated it because of the length and long skirt were ridiculous on me, and it made me look like a little good girl trying to look tosh, What I used to love about it was the pleating because it made me feel like twinkle bell🧚🏻‍♂️ each time i swung myself around, I promise you! it felt like I was flying 😂

Now that I’m grown up I know better that story tales where just part of the growing process to make me enjoy childhood I now know better that girls don’t fly in pleating skirts but look fly dressed up in it. I understand better that this long ridiculous pleated skirt is better off looking with a little bit of tweaking.

I got the Leather pleated skirt from STRADIVARIUS and I styled it with some pair of high heels from ÜTERQUE, wore a medium wide waist belt with a love logo from Mango, clutches from SHEIN, wore a gifted Sassymirror By Hilda logo T-shirt from TEESHOP86 in Arcade central commercial in Noisy-le-Grand and i tucked it in, and throw over a piece of blazer from last year MASSIMO DUTTI.

Over knee Skirt

Black skirt

Another way to style a pleating skirt if you don’t want to dress classy you can go for a street style which is more simple, just pairing it up with a blouse tucked in and a pair of Converse Chuck sneakers

You can practically wear it with any kind of blouse, top, sweater, silhouette heels, sandals, a tiny logo belt, in fact styling it is endless just play around with your creativity. Fashion is like meals never stick with the same menu just feel free to explore and always dress for your own comfort.

And if you still struggle with what to wear with a pleated skirt click here to see more styles.


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