In general, there´re a lot of smattering about bright colours and here we are on this topic to enlighten and educate us of its beauty on tanned skin. Do you know that the colour we wear describes who we are and tells about our personality? Flashy colours individually maps you out from the crowd.

Sometimes it might seem a bit O.T.T “Over the top” and it is normal to get positive or negative compliments from people but we should understand that compliments are mere words whether good or bad as they sound it shouldn´t get to us or change our perception towards what we think about ourselves.

MAC Store
Posing with Young Attitute

In terms of makeup, does bright coloured lipsticks and eyeshadows say something about our personality and who we are?  Yes, it does too, it implies we´re not afraid to be the person we want to be. In many cases people tend to be very picky when it comes to wearing a makeup, some prefer to wear one colour all their life and someone like me prefer to change lipstick and eyeshadows depending on my mood, occasion and the attire I decide to wear. I´m not insinuating is good to wear bright attires and makeups to the office because you want to look competitive which will speak so unserious and distractive a person you are to your work environment, in such kind of environment khaki, gray, black and white are highly recommended.

Personally, I find so much fun experimenting with colours, as i already know that vibrant colours highlights and makes my skin glow. So here are some trending matte lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried and recommending to you.



M.A.C COSMETICS is one of the oldest high-end makeup brand and one of my favourites, they have never ceased to amaze me with their lush beauty products. My latest crash now is the M·A·C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour which comes in 33 shades in a cylindrical bottle and a black classic cap, it has a soft pointed applicator that allows an easy application on the lips. The lipstick has a liquid creamy formula when applied on the lips it dries off instantly into a chalky matte finish and gives you that fixed and long lasting eight hours look. It doesn’t stain the teeth when you drink or eat like some other lipsticks does which can be quite embarrassing. Before use it is highly recommended to hydrate your lips with lubricant such as lips gloss, lip conditioner, Prep Primer lip or lip essential oil to avoid lips dryness.


Out of the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Collection my most preferred colors are Young Attitude, Chocotease and Recollection I have them added to my makeup treasure box. I also purchased Chestnut €17.00 Lip Liners for Chocotease and Magenta €17.00 for Recollection for a matchup and perfect lining. As for the Young Attitude, I´ve tired a black, navy green lip liner and none of them goes with it, i think is better off without any lip liner.


CHOCOTEASE: This Matte Lipstick has a dark chocolate tone that blends perfectly leaving the lips cool and pronounced.

Chocotease Matte Lipstick €25.00


YOUNG ATTITUDE : This Matte Lipstick is extremely a challenging colour that gives you that rebellious look and yet sexy. Literally this Lipstick speaks for itself, I´ve worn it twice and the look i got on the street was too much “all eyes on me “ I didn’t care whether they were good or bad but within me felt bold, charming, sexy and young. If you´re looking for another daring look like a Dark navy blue, then you should mix it with Recollection. For me Young attitude lipstick is “Wicked” and the most insane lipstick I’ve ever had.

Young Attitude
Young Attitude Matte Lipstick €25.00


RECOLLECTION: The intense violet is seductive and conspicuous leaving your lips looking attractive.


Recollection Matte Lipstick €25.00



PURPLE RAIN from Dose of Colors: This is another charming matte lipstick that envelops lips for an all-day rich look. It goes with all skin tones and there are other different colors from this brand. Before use it is recommended to exfoliate lips and avoid greasy foods.

Purple Rain Matte Lipstick $18.00


JUJU AND KAMIKAZE from Morphe Brushes: These are two adoring matte lipsticks that keeps your secrets intact, they don’t kiss and tell they stay put and bullet proof your lips all day. The liquid cream formula goes on smooth and dries down to an even finish. It goes with brown and white skins. It is highly recommended to lubricate lips before using any matte lipstick.

Kamikaze Matte Lipstick $12.99
Juju Matte Lipstick



ELECTRIC PALETTE from Urban Decay  is the new use and I’m so in love with it when you think of bright shades just think Electric Palette. It comes with ten selected bright shades as described “you’ve ever laid eyes on” and it comes with a two-sided brush stick applicator. This palette shades are well pigmented and packaged that’s why it’s a little bit pricy, they are best for special occasions, photoshoot or any event you want to stand out.

electric palette
Electric Palette €46,00


For a better and long lasting effect you can use any in this range “Original, Eden, Minor sin of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Eyeshadow Primer Portion
Eyeshadow Primer Portion “ORIGINAL, EDEN AND MINOR SIN” €21,00 for each

35B – 35 COLOR GLAM PALETTE from Morphe Brushes: If you´re on a budget then you can go for this. These shades are also highly pigmented, the palette is mixed with both shimmer and matte of 35 colors ranging from bright to dark colors. For a better effect use any long lasting eyeshadow primer

35B Morphe Palette
35B Morphe Palette $19.99

Here is a Youtuber who have a video she made using this palette


i-DIVINE EYESHADOW PALETTE ACID from Sleek: If you´re really on a tight budget and don´t want to spend much then this is for you. Pigmented and has twelve shades mixed with both shimmer and matte colors, and has a long-lasting effect. Every eyeshadow will only last long depending on the eyeshadow base you use.

Sleek Acid
Acid Palette €10.49


Here´s what other bloggers, makeup artist and authors says about appearance & colors.

Washington, Maisha. Battle Cry: The Awakening. First Edition Design Publishing Inc, August 23, 2016.

 “Bright colours are what you must wear to bring out the wonderful shades of brown in your skin, Bright red, blue, purple and green all will bring out the richness of your color.”

Maria Del Russo: “Makeup is about expression!” “You should constantly be experimenting!” What happened when I wore 30 Different Lipsticks For 30 Days

Photograph Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo 10th day of experiment

Rebecca Shinners:“People can get scared of blue lipstick because it can easily look cheap and garish,” 6 Spring Beauty Trends About to Blow Up, According to Pinterest

Nick Barose who works with Lupita Nyong’o, told Allure last summer. “So, it’s all about layering different pigments on top of your lipstick to give the final color some depth and richness.”

Giovanna Boldrini“Have you ever wondered why you can tell so much about a person just by looking at them? The choices we make before leaving the house each day can hold much more meaning than we might think. The way we present ourselves to the world – from the way we dress to the way we shape our eyebrows – can speak volumes about our personalities before we ever even open our mouths. So it should come as no surprise that the color lipstick a person chooses can reveal a lot about them.”

When you put on a unique color, you are showing the world that you have a vivid imagination. You may be introverted or extroverted, but creativity and artistry drive a big portion of your life. You aren’t afraid to think outside the box or be labeled as “different.”  What Lipstick Would You Choose? Your Answer Reveals Everything About Your Personality!



Do you own any of these products? If so I would love to know what you think of them! and if you don´t have any of these products then go grab yours.

Feel free to comment below!



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