Irresistible Autumn Essentials

Autumn is here and some people prefer to call it Fall just because the weather gets a bit cooler, the rain appears uninvited, the nightfall comes sooner, and the green leaves turns color then gradually dries off its branches while it gently dances to the wind as it slowly falls off the trees. That is Autumn/Fall for you!

Autumn/Fall 2017

Every season of the year is significant to us Lifestyle and beauty bloggers as we tend to share everything about our everyday life, what we do, how we live, our aspiration, our passion, our surroundings and our adaptive lifestyle that eventually turns into mastery with time.

This Autumn/Fall there are so many stunning beauty trends to try on your face starting from the base to the finish to nurture and give you that sleek look all day long.

So therefore, here are my picks for the Autumn/ Fall and I thought it would be nice to share with you all just in case you´re looking for the coolest beauty product your vanity is missing. So, who’s ready for Fall?

Beauty Products

In this photograph you can spot all kinds of beauty product from assorted brands you can easily find in any drug store near you except for the Smashbox Travel Set I got at the airport which comes in a reasonable size for travelling

Smashbox Ready Travel Set

Smashbox ready Travel Set

though you can find the normal size of the Smashbox at departmental stores like Douglas as we have here in Germany.

Autumn Essentials from MAC

If you´ve been following me for a while now you´ll would have noticed that I’m head over hills for M.A.C Cosmestics product. I literally love M.A.C products is always a must-have in my vanity. So for this Fall i got a M.A.C Oil Control Lotion a M.A.C Lip Contidioner, M.A.C Nude lipstick Matte Kinda Sexy, Suspiciously Sweet EyeShadow, Studio Fix NW45 Powder, Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette, and the last but not the least is the Revlon Lashes that comes 4 pairs of Eyelashes.

Nude Palette for Autumn

The Colors on my skin

Blink for Blink

All the items are stated with their links check them out and tell me what you think and, if you try any other products please share with us because we love to experiment. You can also visit my Social media accounts to see my daily updates and we can be friends too. Soft kisses and see ya soon!




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