Hi everyone! Is good to be back again to blogging and being one on one again with the digital world after been away for too long.

I have really missed those preps, researchs, motivation and all the excitement I used to have every time I’m about to upload a new post on my blog but something bigger stole those feelings.

What else can fill in that space? Pregnancy; Yes when i realized I was 3 weeks plus pregnant I was full with joy though I didn’t kind of believe it because I was just too busy with life, work, blogging, vlogging and at that moment I’d already achieved my body and weight goal so finding out i was pregnant i was like what!! This is not true!! Out of curiosity i did a pregnancy test twice just to confirm the first test was positive and, that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me lol.


I won’t have paused from blogging if not that something bigger like pregnancy was happening in my life and, I was not ready or going to compromise it for anything in the world as it was a precious moment for me.




My body started changing so fast, my mood, eating habit and gradually i began to gain weight, I remember writing a post about How To Flaunt Hot Legs In A Print Mini Skirt even at 3 weeks plus i was still doing my work-out in to help keep my mind stable and fit, as I didn’t want any stress to tamper with my growing Fetus.



As my belly grew I engaged less in hard activities even blogging became very difficult for me because it involved a lot of work, thinking, researching and motivation to upload a good and interesting post. I’m sorry guys but honestly I’ve missed sharing about me, my beauty and diy tips with you all.


The most exciting part of being pregnant is the welcoming of the baby, preparing myself into motherhood again and preparing a comfortable environment for my little one. Here are some of the items I purchased on Amazon and Aubert baby multi use changing table to decorate his room

55 Mixed size Stars Wall Stickers Kid Decal Art Nursery Bedroom Vinyl Decoration (Arctic Blue and Grey)

Set of 55 Grey Star Wall Stickers
They give your wall a different beautiful look.

This is how it looks after using it to decorate the baby room and I really love how it looks. The Blue Wall Stickers cost me £2.39 and the Grey £2.21 then a little charge for packaging and sending, I really love every detail in this picture and how it looks after adding the most famous Walt Disney couple.

NEW 12 PCS BABY BEDDING SET FOR COT / COTBED with PILLOW BUMPER (COLOURS 28-54) (to fit cotbed with mattress size 140×70, 54)

Baby bed

The changing table came with a Bath, baby changing Mat, baby Chest drawer, 2 Container set with Hanging Bars and everything l’ll need to get my little angel ready are stored in it so I don’t need to go too far to find anything (i recommend you get a complete changing table like this so as not to leave the baby alone on attended). Also here is a baby bedding set I purchased from Amazon.

Being pregnant again after 12 years was totally a new experience for me like it was the first time and, I learnt a lot of things that I never knew in my first.

I could stay here all day and write but as I know you all have a precious time to use wisely but before I end this post I would like to say a big thank you to my family (most especially to my sister for organizing me a surprised Baby Shower), friends and all the people i knew personally and coincidentally met during the pregnancy that took care of me like a princess, everywhere I went i was always given priority as an expecting mother and the feeling to know how people cared and showed concern towards me really baffled me. Honestly from the debt of my heart I really do appreciate you all.

I am sharing this wonderful experience with you all because as my followers and reader’s you must have been wondering about my absence. Baby has finally arrived and we are both safe and sound. Glory to the highest!!

I have right over all the images on this post. Tampering with any without my consent is an offense. It is highly expected of you to respect it’s usage, Thank you.


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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! The bedroom is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!



    1. Thank you huni! I’m glad you like the bedroom deco.
      Of course I’m interested in doing a collabo, it will be a pleasure to get someone collaborate with me 🤗 . I’m going to check the it out.
      I appreciate when people comment on my blog because it makes me know how my post are doing. Do you have a blog I can follow you? Xxx


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