Decision vs Indesicion
Avoid advice that don’t align with your purpose. They will put you off track.

Advice is mainly known as a recommendation, instruction or better said a baseline that instruct one to do a particular thing so as to appropriate ones choice of action from making a mistake and, it could be given in writing or verbally. E.g: A Manual in a camera box.

Advice is commonly seen as a good thing that channels proper conduct of reasoning and you’re expected to follow it when given.

“Those who give advice effectively wield soft influence—they shape important decisions while empowering others to act”.

Can i ask you a question….

Are you the type that seek advice for everything you do or you’re just the know it all kind of person who does things proactively without consulting a second thought? Do you like seeking others advice before you decide?

Two heads are better than one
Insecurity is a problem


Exerting influence


However, have you ever thought you could be seeking advice from the wrong person? When I say wrong person I’m not referring to your enemy lol I’m actually referring to someone who is not well informed and he/she might be misleading you.

More often we tend to seek advice from our amigos/as, family or someone we think highly off but sometimes they come to you offering imposing advice and expecting you to do it, while they forget you are mentally competent enough to handle your problems and, you don’t need external influence to empower your mission.

“Cut out all outside sources that are not aligned with your purpose. Don’t take the advice. If you have a purpose and are ethically working towards your mission, get rid of outside influence not in agreement with your purpose”



Caught between decisions
Scale the balance of advice

Incase you’re putting their advice in consideration:

At times, their advice can align with what you’ve already decided to do as Plan B.

  • You need to scale every advice that you’ve accumulated.
  • Sleep over it.
  • Begin to shuffle until it completely rhymes like a word in a verse.
  • Don’t be in a rush to pick your decisions.
  • Don’t do it exactly as they say it.
  • Be creative by tweaking the ideas to suit your situation, as different medicine serves for different illness.


It is recommended not to take advice that doesn’t align with your purpose, it is preferable to consult or seek advice from a professional in that field, if is about life and death consult a doctor, psychologist, lawyer or someone who have lived and learnt from experience, rather than falling into a pit with a blind man.

Professional advice is satisfactory
An orientated blind man


Professional advice is satisfactory
A stitch in time saves nine

Anonymous author: “A more refined approach to problems gives results to solutions”.


Sometimes you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do because you already know how to handle it and, all you need is summon up some courage and you’ll see you’re already walking the right path, if it takes you acquiring knowledge by reading educative books to enlighten and reinforce your cognitive reasoning just do it; after all knowledge doesn’t only come by experience alone.


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