Afro look

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all are doing fine and enjoying the weather?

This post is to inform you that i finally acommplished the wish of my last post which was to be by the Seaside. So I got a ticket and hopped into a train to Barcelona from Paris not minding sitting down for 6 hours just to see the sea, though I could have choosen to fly by plane but I wanted to try something new and I must say the experience wasn’t bad.

So yeah, vacation have started officially and the sun-fun too, here am I standing in from of a massive kitchen poster wearing a simple-affordable but yet impressive African print outfit.

African prints has long been in vogue but the problem people have is styling it and the plain truth is that it is the most easiest to style because it can go with almost everything. There are so many ways to style it without looks ridiculous for example wearing it with jeans, white long sleeves, suit jackets, sneakers, leather flip flops, head wraps basically there is a whole long list of things you can style it with. Still having problems styling African prints attire?


Kinky hair

Looking good to cook

Black beauty

To complete this African look I styled by hair with a Kinky Afro and honestly this kinky hairstyle is giving me life 😂


African Print: Top & Skirt €15

Shoes: Nike Cortez

Lipstick: Fenty Beauty“Stunna Lip Paint”



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