Tasty Ice cream

This year`s Summer is hotter and more threatening than expected and for the past weeks it’s s been terribly hot and unpleasant. Going out during the day or to the beach was like one going to roast oneself under the sun like a goat even a sun protector becomes a joke; In fact it was like a dangerous suicide mission.

Some-days in Barcelona the temperature rose between 42-45 and the more the wave of heat blew the hotter it got and, the only remedy was to stay in-doors and constant hydration even to the extend of taking a shower four times a day “Mama Mia”. The weather was so hot at a point that it had to rain and I was so happy it did because I had the privilege to bath and run around bare-footed under the rain like a child oh bless my childhood 🤣 days…


Ways to protect yourself from the sunny weather.

The Sunrises as early as 9 a.m and the best time to enjoy the weather is not in the mornings but in the evening as from 6 p.m when the Sunsets and the wind becomes more colder, the Ocean waves becomes more calmer and beach water becomes friendly and easy to swim at this particular time every moment becomes personal and recorded in the mind.


So far, I`ve been able to enjoy the summer holiday despite the heat wave. My favourite spots were the Ice-cream parlour. Yogurt, Pistachio, Crema Catalan and Coco were my favourite ice-cream hmm I still feel the taste in my head 😂

Tasty Ice cream

Tasty Ice cream

and after the treat I hit the sunny beach with my family I went to the beach like a couple of times and funny enough I swam like a 🐠 which was so unlike me, normally I`ll just dip my feet in the water and run away even the thought of the beach sand and the dark sea plants I’m like ew! but this time I was hungry for a swim and played in the water with my kids like a big kid deserved.

Now that I have shared all about my summer holiday in Barcelona I would also like to know how you spent yours, where did you go and what did you do and enjoy most? Don’t be shy 😂 feel free to write your experience below and if you haven’t gotten any holiday yet please do before the year runs out because the year is almost gone.


T shirt: Nike

Pants Selena Denim Distressed Self Love Mom Jeans

Bag: “Old” Bohoo

Shoes: Espadrilles (Got them from a Marché for €3)


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