Knowing The Pros and Cons of Colouring your Hair

DIY at home

Colouring Hair have never been Easy until Now!

It is totally natural that most of us would prefer to go to the hair salon to have our hair coloured maybe because we don’t have time or don’t know how to do it ourself. While some would prefer to stopgap a diy “Do it yourself” at home to avoid the hassle of booking an hairdresser and going there to sit for long hours besides is so much cheaper and fun having it done at home. 

In any case, if you’re boosted up for a do it by yourself at home then there are before and after procedures you need to know about before bleaching your hair. It will be unwise to do it by yourself on your natural hair if you don’t have any previous experience.

Moreover before doing such you’ll need a lot of experience, made a lot of mistakes and have a mastery to be able to bleach your hair yourself.

Low cut

So in this review of bleaching and dyeing of hair I’m going to show you a step-by step guide to ensure your don’t make a mess.

whether it’s your first time or not you should be able to do it yourself as long as you follow the rules listed below.

How to achieve a well bleached hair at home

Rule # 1: 

Knowing the Pros and Cons: Knowing the pros and cons of colouring your hair will help prepare your mind on what to expect and how to maintain your hair afterwards. Before applying any bleach or peroxide you’ll need to first speak to a hair colourist to explain to you the procedures and most likely he/she will tell you it can damage your hair, you’ll need multiple applications to get the right colour and also how to maintain your hair etc. You should expect to hear things like that from the colourist, and possibly he/she will introduce you to the products they sell in store to buy. 

I believe learning comes by watching, asking questions and putting it in practice, me personally this is how I learn, each time I decide to spend my money in the hair salon or anywhere I make sure I come out there not only looking beautiful but also loading my brain with all the professional tricks and secret I see; I don’t know if you’ve heard of eye scanning? Hahaha oh yes, I do eye-scan and observe everything I see and when it seems a little tricky I ask the hairdresser directly and, before I say thank you and ciao I make sure i purchase the exact products they used on my hair.


Rule # 2

Research the product: It is worth while making a research on all the products you have in mind to use for bleaching and dyeing of your hair, you can even find some brand have their own range of after application product so you won’t need to mix another brand with another. While researching online it is also good to visit sites like Amazon to ask the seller questions about the product before purchasing and they reply almost the same day or a day after and, you can also find ratings and consumer reports below to know what other consumers experience are like with that product.

Ratings and review


Rule # 3

Follow instructions: After purchasing the products you need to read the instructions properly before applying it on your hair and, avoid mixing different products together because this may cause a drastic reaction to your skin. Learn to use the right product prescribed by the professional. 


Rule # 4

Perform a test: This is an important step. You need to test the product on a strand of your hair and if you’re dyeing a weave-on do the same too, this will help you decide if it’s the right colour you’re going for because almost all hair dye comes with an instruction inside of the packet and these instructions are just for general use. Which means you don’t have to do exactly the time mentioned because your own hair texture and colour is different.

For instance, let’s assume you’ve bleached your hair already and you’re about to apply the L’Oréal Dia Light N°9.01 Milkshake of 5Oml to your hair to achieve platinum right? And on the instructions for use is written “Development time is 20 minutes”  which will be the recommended time. So in this case, you’ll have to put a lot of factors into consideration before you wash off the product factors like the sensitivity of your hair, length and the actual tone you got from pre bleaching your hair, and these will determine the minutes of development time you’ll need to leave the product on to give you the desired effect, which means you don’t need to stay up to 20 minutes before you wash off you might have to wait maybe 2,  5 or 10 minutes.

DIY at home

DIY at home

Just exactly what happened to me when I used the L’Oréal Dia Light N°9.01 Milkshake, I read and did exactly what the instruction said and I got a dark grey which really pissed me off but I didn’t realise I must have left it way to long and it over development my hair colour. I was supposed to have left it to sit for 2 minutes because my pre bleached hair was already between white-blonde.



Rule # 5

Sore scalp and Allergies: This is the major reason you need to do a strand test on your hair to know if the product is suitable for your skin or it’s a red flag danger to stay away from. When you apply the product on the strand of your hair and you feel strange or any kind of body reaction then wash it off immediately. Sore scalp is self explanatory but I will go ahead and explain it just to be sure is well understood. Lets say for instance you just permed or relaxed your hair and you scalp got burnt in the process please don’t try to bleach or dye your hair as this is a very dangerous thing to do. Wait until the sore is healed before applying any hair chemical of such to your hair.


Rule # 6

Being time conscious: To bleach a hair you’ll need a bleaching powder mixed with an oxidant cream then let it sit for some minutes while you keep watch and the maximum time you can leave it on is 50 minutes and, the result will look like a brownish-blonde-orange all mixed together which is quite normal because is the primary step of a bleaching process, and if you have a natural hair colour and you’re going for a platinum you might need to re-bleach it again with a lower oxidant cream volume not to damage your hair but please don’t do it on the same day give it time like a 4 days – 1 week space of time before you re-bleach.

Primary step of a bleaching process

When colour is achieved wash off with a shampoo and conditioner/softener these steps are primordial to keep your hair safe. These are the different level of volume of oxidant creams you`ll find, some brand already contains hydrogen peroxide.


(equivalent) PERCENT

6 Volume

1,9% to 2%

10 Volume

3 %

20 Volume

6 %

30 Volume

9 %

40 Volume

12 %

The colours on the table are the volumes and percentages of an oxidant cream and it explain the potential of power each has as shown in the illustration above. So the brightest is red and is the highest volume of oxidant cream that exist which is 40 Vol. and is equivalent to 12% , and the lowest is green 6 Vol. and is equivalent to 1.9%.

On that note, many hair dye contains ammonia which is a very powerful chemical that can damage your hair so try had to avoid using any product with it and remember to add it in your research plan. 

All the products I used were ammonia free 


Rule # 7

Application method: Before applying the bleach divide your hair into a four quadrants so the product can penetrate well (for long hairs). Personally I won’t apply the product directing to my scalp which I’ve seen so many people do just to make sure their root is well bleached, well that’s wrong. Start from few inches above the  root of your hair and work your way down to the tip of your hair, and then to the root.


Rule # 8

Seek for help: If you have a long hair and you’re finding it difficult to do by yourself then ask a friend to come over and help you do the application for you, by the way what are friends for?. 


Rule # 9

Professional material: Purchase the right materials like hand glove, shaker, hair brush, bowl combo set for mixture and application of the products. Don’t use your home utensils like spoons, plate or bowl to mix the products that’s gross and unhygienic.


Rule # 10

Work environment: Your work space should be prepared and all the products, materials should be close-by so you can pick them quickly and easily, if you don’t have a hair salon bib then use an old tower and wear any old t shirt you have.


Rule # 11

Aftercare: Shampoo and condition hair after bleaching and dyeing, and don’t forget to use a softener if you have one. Apply hair serum and finally a leave-in conditioner and do this everytime you cowash your hair.

Now that we all know how to properly dye our hair at home like a professional without making a mess; it is worthwhile saving some coin, don’t you think so?




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