DIY Copper Gold Sunburst Wall Mirror

Sunburst Mirror

Interior design for Living room

Interior design is an art of designing a space into looking beautiful and welcoming, it’s full of creativity that one can actually feel the essentialness of connecting with it. Basically, decorating a home depends really on how you want to see and experience your living spaces. 

Most people tend to personalise and style their home to suit their lifestyle which is something I admire about home decor because it allows you to express yourself freely within your space.

In general, home decor is an art on it’s own and it’s fun. I’ve always admired interior designs and l’ve always wanted to be an interior designer and now, it looks like I’m finally accomplishing a dream.

Decorating a living room is quite crafty and entertaining but it could be also overwhelming, so if ever you find yourself in this spot then you can seek for help from an interior designer or take decorative style quiz to help you put your ideas together.

Sometimes style and budget doesn’t align together but you definitely have to figure it out to make it work for you, like I’ve seen many home decor price tags are beyond my league that I had to adjust my budget or substitute it with a DIY just like the Rose Gold Sunflower Mirror I made from a Plastic Spoon to decorate my wall, and I’m beginning  to realise this is a very brilliant way of repurposing and reusing a disposable spoon.

Ever before I decided to create this Rose Gold Sunflower Mirror I did a layout of how I wanted it to look like and also jotted down on a piece of paper all the materials I needed to make them easy to gather.

So here’re all the items used:

Materials Used for the Sunburst Mirror

To create this beautiful Rose Gold Sunflower Mirror, first, you’re going to make a round circle on the plywood using any round surface you find. In my on case,  I couldn’t find any so I made the circle myself using a pen and a tape measure starting by creating a central point in the middle of the circle and then made my way into creating an arc until I finally got the exact circle I wanted.

Plywood measurement

Perfect plywood circle

Measuring a mirror

When you get the perfect circle, then use a hand jigsaw machine to cut it out, and use a pencil to outline the circle in the middle of the wood to create a guide where you’ll be gluing the mirror. 

Cutting Spoon Handle

Ok, now we’ve gotten all the materials ready, we need to get to work! You’ll take all the spoons and cut out the handles. Once you’ve gotten that done start gluing (back of the spoon) them onto the wood one by one to create that beautiful Sunflower Mirror.

Spoons surrounding the mirror

If you’re still finding it difficult to figure out how I glued the spoons to the wood, here is a full video like a step by step demonstration to clear out your doubts.

Spoons surrounding the mirror

Spoons surrounding the mirrorSpoons surrounding the mirror

and you’ll continue gluing until the plywood is totally covered with spoons.

Spoons surrounding the mirror

Once done, spray the Sunburst mirror with any colour of your choice and let it dry for about 24 hours and then glue the mirror in the middle where you drew the circle earlier, if you want the mirror to stay glued to the wood then you’d have to put something heavy on it and allow it to dry for about 2 days.

Sunburst Mirror Craft

You may want to add some Pearls to hide some imperfections as it will also make the mirror look outstanding.

Plastic Spoon Mirror with Beads

Making the Rose Gold Sunflower Mirror is quite a creative way of repurposing and reusing the disposable spoon without having to throw them away.

Beautiful Wall Spoon Decor

I really love the way it looks on the wall! If you’re digging this Rose Gold Sunflower Mirror please give it a thumps up 👍🏾 or comment below ⬇️ to let me know what you think.

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