Cool DIY Flower Vase made from Plastic Spoon

It still amazes me how fast the year ran, we are in November and now the Holiday Season is by the corner and soon everyone will start being polite and start addressing you; Merry Xmas. 

The dazzling Christmas lights are hanging on the roadway and the streets are looking busier in the day and quiet at night as the winter mostly brings along a white snow which is part of the xmas package. So is decoration, and it’s part of the seasons activity and it can be overwhelming that is why you need to anticipate and start looking into getting Christmas decorations.

On the other hand, I have been anticipating on craft projects and Christmas wasn’t excluded that’s why I created this elegant decorative centrepiece flower vase with plastic spoons.

This craft project is perfect for your dinning table decoration, it’s creative and beautiful you can make it at home just by following these simple steps.

Materials Used
*Plastic Spoons
*Glass Flower Vase
*Glue gun
*Glue Stick
*Gold Spray

Take a transparent glass vase clean it up to remove any dirt on the surface, this will enable the spoons to stick properly to the glass.

Transparent Flower vase

Then prepare all the materials and keep them close by, to begin work you’ll need to cut the spoons off  it’s handles and start glueing them to the glass.

Cutting the Spoon

Glue the vase to the bottom and take out to spray and when you’re done this is what you’re going to get.

Front view of the Flower Vase

Now we have just transformed a basic flower vase glass into an artichoke flower vase. I hope it was easy for you to make? I would like to hear your feedbacks as it gives me joy to know this tutorial was helpful.

Go watch the full tutorial on my Youtube Channel which is the video you see below.


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