Things You should Know before 2018 Calendar Ends, Plus Christmas Tree Tips

Farm house

Ain’t you all surprise how fast the year ran? Well I do. I can still remember last year December 2017 like it was few days ago, I was very heavy carrying my little Mr Smiley face in my belly and February came, and then boom he was born!!

How time flies really amazes me and now we’re in the end of another year about to start counting our blessings, success and failures. December is the last month of 2018 calendar, we all ought to be appreciative for everything we’ve achieved no matter what we’ve gone through these past months despite that we’ve made it through the whole 365 days alive and still about to count another.

We all need to be thankful that we’re alive because is the most important resources every human being on this planet earth freely got from the CREATOR. I could go ahead and start mentioning all the achievements and blessings this year have gifted me and being alive is one of the most I’m thankful and grateful for.

December has started counting down, and one of the common things you’ll see are Christmas lights and decorations everywhere as the holiday season demands a lively and happy environment, and this is one of the things I’ve always liked since childhood it has always aroused happiness and joy in me not to talk of the family gathering, delicious meals and the merriments.


Farm house

Don’t blame me, I’m already in the Christmas and New Year mood! We’ve planned a day to go shop for some Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree, and we got a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm near me, and also got two big bags full of decorations, you should see how the store was flooded with people shopping like the world was going to end, actually the year is coming to an end 😂.


Building a Christmas Tree


Building Christmas Tree

I know everyone is rounding up and closing sales for the year, as you’re closing the calendar 2018 and opening the 2019 calendar remember to write down your New year resolutions and how you plan to accomplish them as this is a strategic way of organising oneself for the New year ahead, get a diary, planner book or something and write down what you plan to achieve and goals as it will be a reminder to keep you focused, don’t limit your thoughts but be realistic as is very important to be truthful to yourself.

Beautiful Christmas tree

Christmas tree

If you’re planing on getting a real Christmas tree here are some few helpful tips for caring for the tree.

  • The best way to water a real Christmas tree is to put it to stand in a basin of water just like you’ll do to maintain a houseplant with no soil.
  • Every plants needs watering no matter whether you’re spraying it on or just deeping it in a water jar.
  • Keep it away from a heated place or close to the chimney as heat will make it die quickly, Christmas environments are always cozy and warm place so try to open the window more often to allow some fresh air to come in.
  • When you bring a fresh tree home you could be bringing some uninvited guest home too “bugs”.
  • Bugs like spiders, mites, bark beetle could be lodging in the tree so before you take it home you need to inspect the tree thoroughly which you can’t be 100 percent sure there isn’t, you may want to read this about Christmas tree care tips on how to chase them away from the tree and your home.

Things to use for the Christmas Tree decorations are:

  1. Real Christmas tree
  2. Garland
  3. Christmas balls
  4. Christmas stars
  5. A Manger
  6. Christmas figures ” Baby Jesus (not there for now till Christmas Day), Mary, Joseph, Three Wise men, a Sheep and Sant Claus.
  7. Lights
  8. Fir tree cones
  9. Small round woods
  10. Reindeer
  11. Beads
  12. Artificial Snow spray
  13. Cottonwool as Snow

If you have more decors you’ll add to your Christmas tree please feel free share with us, The buttons to share, like and comment on this post are down below ⬇️ I will like you to drop a comment and like this post. Thank you, and I wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous New year in Advance!



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