How to Stay Organized & Productive in 2019

A note book

This is the first article i’ve written this year and I want to use this opportunity to say a Happy New Year to you all, I hope the holiday was pleasant and you’ve had enough rest, and batteries fully charged to overtake 2019? 

We are in the new year and I really want to help you make big changes in your life to becoming more productive so you won’t repeat the same mistakes you made in 2018. Are you with me? Yes, so let’s hop into the productivity boat!

I’m sure you’re already on your mark and set to run the 365 DAYS of the calendar but it will be a bunch of wasted time if you’re planning on working with the Mind Time instead of the Clock Time which I’m guilty of and I intend to become better and more productive this year 2019 which is why I’m writing this to help you including myself!

Let me break this all down by explaining the different between this two concepts Mind Time and Clock Time so you can follow along 😃

Clock Time

This is an ontological concept that is independent and it is defined by its measurement everything that exist in the universe depends on it. It totally consist of universal numbers that reads on all clock which tends to be the standard time for everybody, though differs depending on the Time Zone of a country.

Mind Time

Is a mental awareness of all the things happening to you and around you, basically it’s the consciousness of one’s own existence, every human being have a related flashback of arranged images of every event they’ve lived captured by the brain and, it tends to depreciate as one gets older, though there are other related factors that can contribute to the depreciation of the images in your brain which are tiredness, insomnia and physical growth etc.

Clock time and mind time
Image by Adrian Bejan

They actually influence the mind negatively and cause some sort of variation in images processing adequately which leads to deviations from the real time “Clock Time”.

A pioneering scientist in human consciousness Benjamin Libet the author of “Mind time: The Temporal factors of Consciousness “ elaborated his experiment based on human consciousness, time perception, cognitive neuroscience and memory using this diagram to explain mind time reaction in a persons brain.

Mind time Diagram
Fig. 4.3. Diagram of sequence of events, cerebral (RPs) and subjective (W), that precede a self-initiated voluntary act.


Mind clock Experiment

Information extracted from “The Information Philosopher” read more here to get more in depth understanding of the clock and diagram above.

Michael Chaskalson & Meagan Reitz another authors of “Mind Time: How 10 mindful minutes can enhance your work, health and happiness” elaborated their theory more on enhancing the mind to staying healthier. 

Some other research believes that Physics explains why time passes faster as you age  depending on the how each individual perceives their present, past and environment, Everyone runs on a different mind time schedule because the images mentally acquired by a person differs from the other person which could make one see time passing so fast that you hardly realise what day it is today and you start asking what time is it?

As much said, mind time is only a representation of a shattered images in the brain that takes one far away from the reality the actual clock time that runs in every watch, clock, calendar, phone and train station.

Now that I’ve explained how to differentiate Clock time from the Mind Time, I want to teach you how to be organized and being productive. And here’s how we’re going to achieve that together…


How to stay organized and not rely on your Mind Time

The first thing to do to stay organised and be more productive is to manage how you spend your daily clock time. If you can differentiate when you’re working on your mind time from your clock then you’ll start seeing progress.

Step one: Get a Google Calendar

To be on track, ahead of time or stay on the standard clock time you need to first work on your schedules which means you need to get a google calendar scheduled to keep your time planned and remind you of all the task you need to accomplish in your weekly calendar, as procrastination and lack of preparations is the only thing keeping you away from your success.


Example of a Time planner calendar

a google calendar will look just like this, It has Android and iOS app and you can install it on your phone and start scheduling your plans for the whole year. Notifications can vary depending on how you want it to remind you.


Step two: Use a Time planner

I’ve learnt from my mistake since last year after i realised I lost a lot of blog followers because I laid low for too long (7 months) from blogging during when I was pregnant and that caused me so much pain knowing how hard I worked to get there and just let it slip away so easily, I really regretted ever staying away. This is one single mistake most content creator do, never take a break for more than two weeks, if not, you’ll not only make your followers/customers (if you’re selling something) go away but it will also make you suffer writers block. It will make you loose confidence in you and your writing identity, and when fear comes in it takes time to get back on your feet so consistency is the key you want to hold one to.

So in august 2018 after the sleeping beauty wake up from her slumber and I decided to start using a planner .

Calendar planner

The planner is for everybody whether you’re a banker, writer, trader, blogger, teacher, you love to read or simply want to stay away from your phone for a while this planner will help you stay organised and pushes you to stay consistent in your endeavours.

Coach me planner

In this part of the app you will need to manually set your schedule to the time that suits you, I have my time set at 12 noon to buzz me I trained my little angel to nap during this time and halt every other thing to keep my task in. Sometimes I could be 30 minutes or an hour late because I’m not a robot.

coach me planner reminder

and when task is completed you’re required to give yourself a high 5 which is by ticking the “yes” button on the screen and it will turn green and will give you a high 5 for accomplishing your task.

coach me planner goals

The good thing i like about this app is that you can join a group and comment, ask questions and read other peoples struggles and achievements.


Step Three: Set a timer

Don’t spend too much time on one thing because it makes one slow and less productive,  when you notice its becoming too difficult and you’re tired, don’t hesitate to take a break and start later, remember to set a timer to not over stay your break as you’re your own boss but you need to be disciple. This part I’m guilty of because i have a presistent personally when I want something I don’t stop until I achieve it and I don’t like to give up so easily, I’m a sort of NO giving up or don’t start what you can’t finish which is good in a way but also not so good to insist on yourself when you’re tired because it slows your mind down and it automatically drives you into Mind timing.


Step Four: Set your Phone aside 

Phone is a major distraction especially when you check your social media too much or speak too much on the phone, if you’re not going to be using it during your work time keep it aside and put it on silence to avoid distractions.


Step Five: Clear your Work Items

When you have completed your task you need to pack up and tidy your table for the next day task as you don’t want anything that is not useful for next day task to be on the table; Like when I finish making Youtube video tutorials i pack my camera, lamps, backdrops etc and keep the space clean to avoid obstruction.


Step Six: Be your own Motivator

Be your own best friend! Do what you love and not what people do or want you to do. Remember why you’re doing it and what you aim to achieve. If it doesn’t fetch you money yet well success don’t come over night take your time and continue looking for new ways to evolve but if you don’t search it won’t come to you, after all success is a combination of hard work and preparation.


Step Seven: Go on a monthly self challenge 

Personally I’m all about motivation! I actually do this every two months when I notice I’m drifting away from my goals, I do it to charge my self esteem and it works for me and I’m sure it will work for you too. Write to yourself some motivating notes and positive words.

Here’s how you’ll do it

Take a note with a fancy back cover and a fancy pen that you like and write down 5 motivating words to yourself daily

  • Tell yourself the things you want to be
  • Read it out while you write it down
  • Write a date to every note you write daily
  • Always start from the beginning of the month so the next day you can continue from where you left off and continue writing everyday still the end of the month
  • Set a daily alarm to remind you to write (put that in your planner)




Step Eight:  Set a Weekly target

Set a target for the day and for the whole month and, try to keep it simple so you don’t feel like you’re not being realistic to yourself.


Step Nine : Get a enough sleep

When one says; sleeping is good for the health it sounds like that person saying it is a lazy ass, well is not true. Getting enough sleep is the vital way of keeping your mind fresh and healthy, it will make you be in your right sense to being productive. Not sleeping enough is your #1 enemy because it puts your mood off and drives you straight into mind timing.

Here’s what you’ll be doing to get enough sleep this year:

  • Having dinner early
  • Going to bed early
  • Set your alarm to wake you up if you’re a deep sleeper
  • Put your phone on silents
  • Keep every thoughts aside and focus on sleeping because busy mind prevents you from sleeping properly and it keeps you awake

Now that I’ve given all this steps to help you become better this year, you should be able to be more organised and more productive this year, So good luck 😉



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