Learn How to Cut & Style a Smokey Blonde Bob HairCut

Beautiful haircut

Having a bob haircut is one of the comfiest hairstyles you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neck when you need to wear a chunky winter jacket. Imagining the little flirty jerks the hair does each time you swing your head side to side allowing you feel comfortable in your favourite turtleneck sweater.

This haircut gives you the luxury of enjoying any kind of outfit most especially when you wear an off-shoulder top letting you flaunt your collarbone and a dangling pair of earrings falling along your jawline.

That’s the charm of a bob haircut! If you’re a fan like me who likes to wear random wigs to change looks then sit tight let me show you how to cut and slay a sexy bob haircut 💇‍♀️ just like most quintessential Hollywood elites.

Wearing a Bob Wig
Cardi B at the 2017 Bet Award
Blonde wig
Kylie Jenner a blonde Bob Wig
Blonde bob wig
Black Chyna in a Blonde bob wig

If they can rock it you too can! So grab a straight wig and place it on a canvas mannequin standing in a tripod stand, T pins, get a scissors and a rattail comb and lets start cutting. 


You don’t have to be a pro to do this only just by following descriptions step by step and you’ll get it. Brush out the hair and then take a hairband and hold the hair into 3 parts, one behind and two by the sides just like in the pictures below.

Blonde beautiful wig

Beautiful blonde wig

Start cutting from the back and then move to the sides, use the rattail comb to comb it out and check if the lines are levelled.

Blonde bob haircut


Take a look at this video and see the cutting in action

And here is the after result of cutting the hair into a bob, I blow dried, ironed and styled the hair to my taste. 

Blonde Bob hairstyle


If you want to see the full tutorial of how I made my wig from scratch then watch this video


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